#1 Prop and Seek

Vidibidi Games produced Windows strategy, action, simulation, and multiplayer game Free 0 Prop and Seek. About sixteen players play hide-and-seek as props or hunters to uncover all the hidden props.

Quick Match, Competitive Match, and Custom Match are game modes. The player sees the character first-hand. Hide behind a truck or the wall. The time it takes to find all props and hunters is displayed at the top.

#2 Slendrina: The School

DVlopers produced Slendrina: The School, an Adventure, Simulation, Escape, and Single-player game. Slendrina’s zombie house is the player’s home throughout the game. The game is played in first-person.

Find eight school-wide fuses to win. To leave this scary place, the player must unlock the doors with these eight fuses. Certain doors and health boxes require keys to open, providing the player more health when hurt.

#3 Evil Nun

Keplerians Horror Games produced Evil Nun: Scary Horror Game Adventure for Android and iOS as a horror-survival, simulation, arcade, and single-player game. The player plays a character confined at a school guarded by a terrifying nun.

Evil nun, a ghost-granny, can hear the player’s voice. The player’s skills and movement determine survival. If the wicked nun finds the player, the game is over.

#4 The House of the Dead 4

Sega made Horror, Adventure, and Single-player game House of the Dead 4. The House of the Dead’s fourth main installment features the same gameplay. James Taylor, the protagonist, fights hordes of foes throughout the game.

Shaking the rifle and pointing towards zombie creatures to lay them down reloads it. Throw grenades to kill various adversaries throughout the game. Some tasks or foes unlock certain weapons. Players can score more by finding money and golden shapes.

#5 Slendrina X

DVloper produced Slendrina X, an Android arcade, horror-survival, and single-player game. The tenth primary Slendrina game plays like the last. The unidentified protagonist must defeat horror Slendrina.

The player is imprisoned in Slendrina’s husband’s mansion. The castle’s entrance key allows escape. The player explores the castle in first-person and must conquer all challenges. Slendrina’s spouse is following the player and won’t leave.

#6 House of Slendrina

DVloper’s Android and iOS arcade, horror-survival, and single-player game House of Slendrina. The player plays an unknown protagonist who must uncover the Slendrina’s secret. The player explores the house first-person.

The player encounters ghosts and horrific scenarios in Slendrina’s horror mansion. The player can trick Slendrina by being sharp and active. To access the key cabinet, the game requires eight photos.

#7 Slendrina: The Cellar

Slendrina: The Cellar by DVloper is an arcade, horror-survival, and single-player game for Android and iOS. The player plays an anonymous protagonist who must free terror Slendrina. The player explores in first-person.

Eight old books hidden in the castle are the key to freedom. The player must overcome all game obstacles without making any mistakes. Slendrina hates trespassers and will not release them.

#8 Scary Stranger 3D


Free 0 Scary Stranger Backrooms 3D is a first-person horror and single-player survival simulation by Z and K Games for Android and iOS. Like Granny, you control a boy who must escape a house. Bob, your character, is naughty around strangers.

An elderly man moved in next door. Bob wants to tease a teacher, but the stranger seems dangerous and suspicious. He lives alone and hates people.

#9 At Home

BisquitPlay offers Paid 0 At Home, an Action-Adventure, Horror, Survival, and Single-player game. The character was kidnapped and locked in a wilderness lodge.

Outsiders broke into the player’s house, kidnapped the character, and locked him in a small room. Use adjacent materials to escape the locked chamber.

#10 Slendrina: Asylum

DVloper produced Slendrina: Asylum, an Adventure, Simulation, Horror-Survival, and Single-player game. An anonymous protagonist gets stuck in an asylum with Slendrina’s fear. The player must find eight medical book pages in the abandoned asylum.

The game is played in first-person. The player must discover what Slendrina is guarding. The player must be careful when exploring the game universe. Slendrina’s mother may stalk the corridors hunting for prey.

#11 The Child of Slendrina

DVloper’s Android simulation, horror, first-person, and single-player game The Child of Slendrina. The user controls Slendirina’s Baby, who turns evil like her mother. The protagonist’s mother locks the baby in the basement corridors.

The player must avoid Slendrina’s father. A house secret must be revealed by gathering eight essential parts. If the player gets all keys, the game takes him to the safe to reveal the secret.

#12 Granny: Chapter Two

DVloper produced Granny: Chapter Two, an Adventure, Survival, Horror, and Single-player game. In Granny 2, the player plays an anonymous character who must flee this terrible grandma’s home with a dreadful beast. This time, Granny has a bleeding baseball bat and grandfather is prowling around, making the game harder.

Like the original game, the player can freely manipulate his character using his left thumb. Right-thumb looking around corners is possible. Ducking requires silence, so press the button in the upper left corner. If the grandma or granny catches the character, they’ll keep him. To complete all the puzzles and escape the mansion, the player must be stealthy and hidden.

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