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As we age, it’s no secret that our bodies change through the years. We need to pay careful mind to what we put inside (like food and alcohol), but it’s also important to take care of the outside of your body, as well. We’re talking about YOUR SKIN! In the following article, we’ll be going over the 15 most important skin care tips for the aging epidermis. From  what make up you apply, to your nightly skin care regime, we’re here to give you a basic guideline to help keep your skin glowing and healthy into your golden years.

1/10 Concealer

Savor the Success

The next skin care and make-up tip we have for you that is guaranteed to make your skin look glowing and young is the ever-so-handy concealer. You can hydrate, get enough sleep, and drink six cups of coffee, but sometimes you just CAN’T hide the bags under your eyes. Add using a quick under-eye concealer to boost your energy and appearance with a quick swipe of your favorite natural beauty brand. Don’t just swipe the concealer directly under your eyes, instead form a triangle reaching down to about mid-nose and gently blend. This is one tool we recommend to carry with you for long days at work, traveling, or simply aiming to impress.

2/10 Eyeliner


Eyeliner is, no doubt, a great addition to your make-up routine that can really make your eyes POP! So, how should you change the way you wear eyeliner as you get a little older? When you’re young, a striking black eyeliner might compliment your youthful skin, but as you mature, your skin, and your skills, will mature as well. Try playing with other shades like a soft brown, blue or gray eyeliner. These tones may be more complimentary for your style while giving you the same doe-eyed effect.

3/10 Eyelashes


Don’t let your lashes down! Your eyes are one of your most noticeable features, so make sure their frame (your lashes!) are well-taken care of. Don’t skip the mascara just because you are getting older and think you should lighten your make-up load. Maybe try a lighter shade (like brown) and make sure to compliment your mascara with a nice eyelash curler.

4/10 Lip Balm

Lip Balm

You can’t forget about your lips! The key features that people pay attention to on your face are your eyes and your lips, so let’s not leave these out. First of all, lipstick and lip balm..different, right? YES! We suggest a balm that contains SPF protection for your precious lips. Sunburned lips are THE WORST, and that doesn’t change as you age. So, when looking for a lip balm, look for a product the contains (reef safe) SPF protection, moisturizing ingredients like honey, avocado seed oil, or cucumber, and if you want the rosy glow, find a balm with a glossy and sassy tint.

5/10 Contouring


Another important step to add to your make-up routine for a fresh, youthful face is knowing how to properly contour. Contouring is unique to each woman’s facial structure and skin tone, but this is a sure way to guarantee fresh face, smooth skin glow that we all strive for. Find the right shade for you and use it on the areas that you want to highlight. Before you start contouring, make sure you are applying over an even pallet of foundation.

6/10 Sunscreen

Sunscreen (reef safe)

We LOVE soaking up the sunshine, but what do we love more? Protecting our skin while we do it! It’s SO important to protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays. Excessive sun exposure can lead to uneven pigmented patches and the breakdown of collagen. This skin care practice is important at any age, but as you grow older, your skin becomes more vulnerable to the sun’s rays, so it becomes even more vital to protect. When shopping for a sunscreen, try reef safe products (like the brand shown above). Chemicals in sunscreen have been found to be HARMFUL to coral reefs. Do your skin (and the sea) a favor and check out’s reef safe program to educate yourself on the most environmentally friendly sunscreens and chemicals to avoid.

7/10 Drink Water


This skin care tip may seem unnecessary, but…we’re gonna go ahead and talk about it. Drinking water is SO important throughout one’s lifetime, so as we grow older, it’s no wonder that upping our water intake might be necessary. Not only does water aid in a variety of internal processes like boosting energy, regulating body temperature, and helping your brain function, but it also helps brighten skin by keeping the body hydrated and producing collagen. According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, one should drink anywhere from 90 to 125 ounces of water per day to be properly hydrated. The combination of proper hydration and sun protection are the basic steps to protecting skin from aging.

8/10  Facial Cleanser

Facial Cleanser

Our next skin care tip is all about washing your face. Before applying makeup, you want to make sure you are applying to a fresh pallet and not trapping any unwanted dirt or oils under your masterpiece. You also want to make sure that when the day is done, you’re washing the dirt and makeup of the day off your face. Choose a facial cleanser that is low in pH, lacks harsh exfoliating beads, and excludes a bunch of fancy active ingredients. Instead, look for more natural ingredients like rosemary, jojoba, aloe, and lavender. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate like the plague, it’s harsh for your skin AND the environment.

9/10 Exfoliant


In the previous item, we mentioned avoiding harsh physical exofliants (including plastic microbeads and sea salts). Not only are microbeads SUPER harmful to our environment and one of the top polluter’s of our oceans (some states have already BANNED the selling of products with microbeads), they can also be harmful to aging skin. Exfoliation is still an important part of a healthy skin care routine, but try switching to using your facial cleanser with a wash cloth or an exfoliation sponge (like the Konjac charcoal sponge we have pictured above). You wanna get those peely, dead skin cells off, but you want to avoid harming your fragile skin.

10/10 Moisturizer

Moisturizer-Coconut Oil

The next skin care step on our list: moisturizing. This is such a crucial step in your skin care regime as you age. As you get older, your skin loses sebum, which means it can dry out more quickly and lead to wrinkles, and let’s be honest…discomfort. Dry skin is NO joke! Good news is, you don’t need to invest in a super fancy, expensive moisturizer. Actually, the simpler, the better. Coconut oil makes for a GREAT moisturizer for the whole body. Apply sparingly over face and body and soak in the beautiful hydration. Vaseline and Aquaphor also make great moisturizers that you can use for your skin AND everywhere else!


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