For years, NBC’s tagline has been “Comedy starts here.” After a deep dive through Peacock’s streaming catalog, it’s clear that their investment has paid off. We’ve put together the best TV shows to stream on Peacock, and a large majority of the top options are comedies. It can’t be helped! NBC has been putting out some of the best comedies of the last 40 years, and they all deserve a shout-out. 

Here are the best heartfelt dramas, spine-tingling horrors, sprawling science fictions, campy teen soaps, period romances, and of course, top-tier comedies to stream right now on . Fair warning: a list this stacked means you might not leave the couch this weekend. 

1. We Are Lady Parts

The only problem with Nida Manzoor’s exceptional comedy about an all-female Muslim punk bad is that it’s too short — but the good news is we’re getting Season 2. Anjana Vasan stars as Amina, a spectacularly awkward and endearing guitar player who joins the band, Lady Parts. She’s one of five rock-solid performances in a show that explores and embraces complex Muslim women, with an irreverent pop-punk soundtrack and riotous laughs to boot. Watch it now and put that banger on repeat. —Proma Khosla, Senior Entertainment Reporter

2. Battlestar Galactica

Very few shows are as addicting, as binge-able, or as mind-warping as 2004’s Battlestar Galactica. A remake of a 1970s classic, Battlestar opens on a contingent of humans, facing off against a cybernetic race called the Cylons, who reappear after decades of no contact to decimate the humans’ 12 planetary colonies. Now, there are only 50,000 humans left in existence, the lucky few who were on space ships at the time of the nuclear holocaust. Their plight to survive only becomes more dire after a terrifying revelation: the Cylons no longer look like metal robots. They look like humans, and anyone anywhere could be an enemy lying in wait. 

To watch Activate

Battlestar Galactica is a brilliant, suspenseful, and surprisingly relatable science-fiction epic, layered with religious allegory, political commentary, and human psychology. And it’s a hell of a fun watch! Very few shows can match Battlestar’s level of satisfying plot twists and gut-wrenching cliffhangers while maintaining such fidelity to grounded human behavior. With Edward James Olmos, Mary McDonnell, and Katee Sackhoff at the helm of a scintillating cast, this is a pulsating, enthralling story that can’t be missed.

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