7 Stunning Ways to Drape Your Dupatta for Navratri Lehengas

7 Stunning Ways to Drape Your Dupatta for Navratri Lehengas

16 October 2023 Off By Daisy Carter

Navratri is like the most colourful and lively party of the year, and you’ve got to dress the part, right? Your lehenga is all set, but what about that fabulous dupatta? It’s not just a piece of cloth; it’s your chance to show off your style and get into the festive spirit. The festival calls for bold, eye-catching looks that reflect the joy and enthusiasm of Navratri.
Now, let’s explore various ways to style your dupatta to make sure your outfit resonates with the lively ambiance of Navratri. These styles will not only make you look stunning but also allow you to move and groove with ease as you immerse yourself in the festivities. So, let your inner fashionista shine, and let’s dive into these exciting ways to drape dupatta for Navratri!

1. Gujarati Style:

The Gujarati style is classic and elegant, and it’s a traditional way to wear your dupatta during Navratri.
To do it, fold your dupatta in half lengthwise, making it long and narrow.
Put the folded part at the back of your neck.
Bring the two loose ends to the front, like crossing your arms.
The end that’s now on your left shoulder goes behind and tucks into your waist at the back.
The rest of the dupatta falls over your right shoulder, hanging down.
This style is graceful and comfy while showing off your dupatta’s design.

2. Draped Over the Head Style:

This style is great for showing off your neckline, choli (blouse), or hairstyle during Navratri.
It’s also handy for keeping your hair away from your face when you’re dancing.
To do it, just drape your dupatta over your head so it hangs evenly on both sides.
You can use pins to hold it in place or let it flow freely.
It adds a touch of royal charm to your look and keeps you stylish and comfy while celebrating Navratri.


3. Pallu Style Drape:

The Pallu style is another classic and elegant choice that highlights your dupatta’s design.
To get this look:
Start by pinning one corner of the dupatta to your left shoulder.
Let the rest of the dupatta gently drape over your right arm, flowing down your back.
This style brings a sense of sophistication and traditional beauty to your outfit.
It’s perfect if you want to showcase the intricate work on your lehenga and dupatta without overwhelming your whole look.

4. Cape Style:

Imagine your dupatta as a trendy cape that’s going to elevate your look.
Instead of placing the dupatta over your head like a shawl, you wear it by letting it rest on both of your shoulders, just like you’d wear a cape.
By doing this, you’re giving a modern twist to your traditional outfit. It’s a bit like adding a superhero vibe to your Navratri style. The cape style is not only fashionable but also incredibly comfortable, allowing you to dance the night away without any hindrance.

5. Belted Dupatta:

Picture this as a fashionable hug for your lehenga set!
You secure your dupatta by cinching it at the waist with a stylish belt.
This style is fantastic because it adds structure to your overall look. It defines your waistline, which can be particularly flattering.
Plus, it allows you to show off the intricate work and detailing on your lehenga. It’s like framing a work of art! So, not only do you get to flaunt your sense of style with the belt, but you also get to display the craftsmanship of your outfit beautifully.

6. Front-Pallu Style:

This style is all about comfort and elegance.
You start by taking one end of the dupatta and draping it diagonally across your chest. It then gets secured at the opposite hip.
The other end of the dupatta gracefully flows down your back.
What’s great about this style is that it keeps you comfortable while letting your lehenga’s design shine. The beautiful details and patterns of your indian lehenga are displayed prominently, and you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your dupatta. It’s like having a stylish fashion accessory that effortlessly complements your look.

7. Single Shoulder Drape:

Imagine this as the trendy one-shoulder look for your dupatta.
Start by draping your dupatta over one shoulder, letting it fall diagonally across your body.
To make sure it stays in place and doesn’t slide off while you dance, you can use a pin to secure it at the waist. This will keep the dupatta comfortably anchored.
What makes this style fantastic is that it’s both stylish and practical for dancing during Navratri. You get the best of both worlds: a fashionable look and the freedom to move with ease.
It allows you to flaunt your lehenga and dupatta’s design while keeping you comfortable and ready to hit the dance floor. So, you can dance the night away without any worries, and you’ll look fantastic doing it!

Remember to choose a draping style that complements your lehenga and matches your personal style while keeping the festive spirit of Navratri in mind. To complete your Navratri ensemble, consider enhancing your look with traditional jewellery, bindis, and other accessories.

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