If you need a compulsory birth certificate in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. Every year, up to Christian and Hindu women or girls are forced to marry and convert. Unfortunately, accurate data regarding these cases are not available due the underreporting. However, compilations of such cases by at least a non-profit organization show that many victims are under the age limit for birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan. These cases continue without being prosecuted or prevented by law enforcement agencies.

Education as a Solution:

Children marry when there is no education. Conversely, increased access and education lead to a decline in child marital violence. Accessing education, especially at the second level, can be a practical alternative to child marriage. Research suggests that girls with secondary education may be six times more likely not to marry than girls with none. Article (a) of Pakistan’s Constitution mandates that the state provides compulsory education for all children, male and female, aged. Numerous provinces have adopted laws on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan establishing compulsory education at years of age.

Sindh Education:

Sindh has passed The Sindh Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act ( ). Punjab has enacted the Punjab Compulsory Education Act ( ). Baluchistan also passed the Baluchistan Compulsory Education Act. However, implementation of these laws has been very poor as evidenced by the high rate of children not attending school. UNICEF has found that 40 % of Pakistani students in the lower secondary education level are not going to school.

Challenges in Education Implementation:

Girls with birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan are far less likely than their male counterparts to be educated, especially in secondary school. Only. % of Pakistani boys go to secondary school, while only. % of Pakistani girls do. Child labor Child marriage Child brides could be forced to do many of the activities that are considered child labor. Child marriage can result in “child servitude,” where children are forced into domestic or other labor.

Child Labor Linked to Child Marriage:

The Employment of Children Act (Employment of Children Act) prohibits the employment of certain occupations, such as construction and catering. The law on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan also prohibits children from being paid overtime or working between the hours of pm and am. However, it doesn’t prohibit children from being employed. It defines a child as someone who is under the legal age.

Reproductive Rights Gap:

Pakistan is a signatory of the Anti-Slavery Convention all states must take necessary action to get rid of “any institution or practice where. Women, without having the right to decline, is promised or made in marriage in exchange for consideration in either money or kind to her parents or guardian.” It prohibits the purchase and sale of girls for child-marital purposes. Section A prohibits exchanges of girls to settle disputes or debts. However, child marriages still take place. Reproductive Rights There is no law in Pakistan on birth certificates in Pakistan or child custody in Pakistan that specifically regulates or ensures women’s access to and use of reproductive healthcare services.

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