Common problems you face with your blinds

Common problems you face with your blinds

Window blinds go a long way, but just like every other product or item, they have an expiry date. If you have children at home, the blinds will get damaged after a while, as children and pets play around in the house, they may scratch or break them. Therefore before you think of replacing your entire set of blinds, think about how you can repair them. Our repair crew is skilled enough to repair almost everything, even vertical blinds repair, saving you the time and money to buy new window blinds, no matter the problem. 

The Slats Will Not Tilt Accurately

The mechanism is typically obstructed by dirt or dust when the slats won’t tilt properly. Use a delicate microfiber cloth to carefully clean it to eliminate the accumulation. Once the mechanism is clean, you can put on the lubricant to make it move more easily. A skilled window blind specialist can replace the mechanism if it is damaged.

Ruptured Slats

When a window blind has a damaged slat but is otherwise in good condition, you no longer have to replace the complete blind. One can purchase slats and change them one at a time. Purchase a slat that matches your blind and install it according to the simple instructions to restore the appearance of your blinds.

The Blinds Will Not Drop

Given that blinds offer protection from the outside world, this is a problematic issue. The positive aspect is that, with a little caution, you may repair it yourself. If your blinds aren’t closing, manually unlock the cord lock to release the lift cables. Use a screwdriver to gently press the tiny pin that you can see inside the cable release mechanism. 

Another choice is to take the blinds off so you may inspect the pawl, a toothed roller. It may occasionally get stuck; gently push the pawl to unstick it. The release cord ought to function after you’ve completed this. Avoid forcing the pawl; contact us if it is difficult to release. We specialize in blind repairs and roller blind repairs Perth as well. 

Damage to The Case

Excellent for privacy as well as energy efficiency are vertical blinds. You can change the slat connecting chains on your vertical blinds if broken. The cost of chain lengths is according to the number of clips used, and replacement is easy. You must remove the old chains and install the new ones according to the packaging. 

The Blinds Are Not Foldable

You must remove your cloth blind from the window. If not, it will not neatly fold up. To eliminate all creases, gently iron the fabric. Reposition it on the window, and it will fold as it should once more.

Study Blind Repair at Home to Save Money 

Repairing blinds at home is not that hard; often, people get scared to do any more damage to the blinds, But I can assure you you can solve most of your blind problems by looking them up online. You will surely get the solution at this blog or any other blog for your blind repairs and maintenance even if you fail to repair them because sometimes those treatments do not work. We are here to help you. Our company has skilled technicians to help you repair your blinds in no time. You might also think about buying new blinds instead of buying them. Like geth[ting them in a new design or just want a different color. You can go for new blinds if you wish to but give repairing another chance. You will not be disappointed with your work and service. 


At our business, we recognize the significance of a window treatment that operates effectively. We focus on blind repairs in Perth because of this. Our team of specialists can identify the problem and resolve it. Spending your hard-earned cash on new blinds is unnecessary because a quick fix can restore their appearance and functionality. Don’t just toss away your damaged or damaged blinds and get new ones! Our business specializes in vertical blind repairs in Perth and can breathe new life into your worn-out blinds. We offer high-quality repairs for all styles of blinds, from vertical to roller, with the help of our qualified professionals. We will help you save money and provide a quick and convenient service that may have your window coverings looking and operating like they were freshly installed in no time.

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