Complete Solution of How to View MBOX Files on Windows

In this article, we are going to show you how to view MBOX files on Windows using various methods. It’s quite common for MBOX files to stop working, and here we will discuss the reasons as well so you can easily prevent those problems.

In the provided methods we are going to use a professional application of FreeViewer MBOX File Reader Software. And the second way is going to be a manual way to read MBOX files, so let’s start this blog without wasting more time.

Why do MBOX Files Not Open on Windows?

Normally MBOX files are not supported by Windows because Windows works with a completely different file format such as PST, OST, MSG and many more. In this section, you are going to learn about the major reasons below.

  • Windows does not come with a built-in feature for opening MBOX files, so you’ll need a different application to access the files. Microsoft Outlook, the most widely used email client on Windows, does not support MBOX files by default.
  • MBOX files are used by email clients other than Outlook, such as Thunderbird and Apple Mail. If you’re trying to open an MBOX file created with one of these clients on a Windows computer, you’ll need to use a different email client that supports MBOX files.
  • Windows depends on file extensions to decide which program to use to open a file. If MBOX files are not associated with the software, they do not open when you click on them. You can change the file association, but you’ll still need external software to read the MBOX files.

Now you have a rough idea of what problems can prevent you from viewing MBOX files on Windows. If you want a safe solution for your problem, now we are going to show you how to view MBOX files on Windows.

How to View MBOX Files on Windows Manually?

To read MBOX Files on Windows you need to install an application that supports MBOX files, after that, you will be able to view MBOX files with limited features. But this method can’t provide you with the surety to read MBOX files.

Manual Process to Read MBOX Files Manually

  • Select the Tools option on the top bar
  • Look for the ImportExportTools NG option 
  • Then go to the Import MBOX files 
  • Select Import directly MBOX files option to finish the process
  • Click on your exported MBOX file to Open.

By following these steps you can easily read MBOX files, but this manual method comes with many limitations. Such as they might now show you the attachments or your file may not open at all.

Limitations of the Manual Method

In this section of this article, you are going to learn about the limitations of the provided Manual method.

  • MBOX files are formatted as plain text and contain all email messages in a single file. This can make finding specific emails can get challenging, especially in larger MBOX files.
  • When viewing MBOX files, you won’t have access to email management features like searching, sorting, filtering, or organizing messages into folders. This can make it hard to work with a large MBOX file.
  • This method is not user-friendly and is better suited for technically inclined users who are comfortable working with text-based data. Opening MBOX files with a text editor creates a cluttered and overwhelming display.
  • While you can see the email text content, manual viewing may not provide a direct way to access the attachments, which are stored separately.
  • Accidental changes to the MBOX file while viewing it manually can lead to data corruption  Care. Users have to be careful not to change the file’s structure.

If you don’t know the other method of how to view MBOX files on Windows then look for a more reliable solution. We have the perfect application for you to read MBOX files without putting much effort and with great speed.

How to View MBOX Files on Windows Using an Automated Method

ForensicsWare MBOX Reader Application is the best software you can get to view MBOX files. It frees you from all kinds of limitations such as MBOX file size and quantity of MBOX files, you can easily view many files at once.

Steps to Use Automated Application

  • First, you need to install the application in your system
  • Then open the application and choose the MBOX file or you can use the auto-scan feature 
  • After loading your MBOX files you will see the preview window with many view options such as HTML, HEX and many more
  • Use vertical and horizontal view modes to see your MBOX files

This application just not only has the easiest user-friendly interface it also comes with many in-built beneficial features. that you are going to learn in the next paragraph of this write-up, with it you can perform many tasks easily.

Beneficial Features of Automated Method

  • The folder mode feature enables you to add all folders that contain MBOX files.
  • For digital forensics, a thorough analysis is conducted on MBOX emails.
  • This tool enables you to view and analyze all the data contained within an MBOX file, while also providing an item count.
  • It Supported all the versions of Windows such as 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.
  • This application maintains the hierarchy of the folders containing MBOX files.

Final Verdict

With the provided methods you can easily read MBOX files without breaking a sweat, we have provided you with all the information you need to solve the problem of how to view MBOX files on Windows. You can easily choose any method according to your needs.

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