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Custom Dry Transfers Help Solve Problems

Designers in many areas come up against deadlines and face tricky-to-solve dilemmas requiring ingenuity and creative thinking. One method many of them have discovered is custom dry transfers for logos and lettering on any object. They’re already favorites for museum and art gallery labels and various industrial design uses. Product prototypes, indoor signage, and vintage product restorations benefit from custom-designed transfer decals. You can order them in any color and precisely match logos and corporate branding elements. They don’t cost much and are produced in one or two days.

 Transfer decals, also known as rub downs, have been used for many years. Now designed on digital platforms, they are the best way to give a polished look to many projects. One of the most helpful aspects is their versatility for many application surfaces. Walls, wood, metal, plastic, and glass all work easily. The only requirement is a clean, smooth, dry indoor surface – which opens up many possibilities. Artisanal product producers have become dry transfer decal fans. It allows them to replicate the look of mass-manufactured products with their small batches at the highest quality.

Custom dry transfers are made from adhesive-backed lacquer ink if you want to know all the details before you order. They are permanent to semi-permanent upon application and can be carefully removed without damaging the surface. Decal makers use popular color-matching systems, so you can have them in any color you specify. It helps meet corporate branding standards and assures consistency among the decals you order. You can order decals in metallic and foiled looks if you have a one-off project requiring unique flair. It’s an excellent way to add the look of metal to an object.

Consider custom dry transfers for small and medium-sized indoor signage when you’re in charge of a retail display or an office renovation. They apply directly to the wall, and you can design them yourself. It’s an excellent way to have great-looking inside signs at a fraction of the cost of working with a sign company. You’ll see transfer decals used liberally by museums and some high-end galleries for their exhibit wall text. It’s an excellent way to put elegant lettering on a wall that’s easy to read. You apply the lettering in blocks, so it’s easier to line up. Black letters on white walls are the most popular for visual arts.

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