Butt plugs are the type of sex toys which are designed to get inserted into the anus during a sexual activity. This toy can be easily enjoyed by anyone who has an anus, regardless of gender, orientation and genitalia. A butt plug is simply an anal toy which plugs the butt in a very good way. These plugs are shaped like a teardrop and have a wide base which prevents them from getting sucked inside way too far. These are basically considered to be the starters for pleasure. Anus is full of sensitive endings of nerves which feel amazing when they are stimulated. 

The butt hole is also a gateway to the prostate in our body, which is also known as the ‘G spot of males’, and is a roundabout to the vaginal G spot and A spot. Many people think that anal orgasm is not real, but it actually is. And so anyone with an anus can have one, for which butt plugs can majorly help. But not a lot of people know how to use a butt plug and why exactly it is beneficial. So to help you out with this, we got you covered through this article.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details about Butt Plugs, such as a detailed guide on how to use these plugs, what are the benefits of using them and much more. So just continue to read below to check out all the information.

How to use a butt plug?

Doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation and gender is, butt plugs can certainly help you to increase your sexual pleasure. And so to help you learn how to use these butt plugs, just follow the step by step guide which is provided below-

  1. Start with communicating with your partner- If you are willing to use a butt plug with your partner, then firstly you need to talk to them and tell them how you would want to add it in your sex life. You should try to take consent before you go forward with trying any kind of sexual activity or toy with your partner, which includes the butt plug as well.
  2. Select the right butt plug according to your needs- One of the most important steps of how to use a butt plug is to find the right butt plug for you. So doing the research to find a plug which is perfect for you in all terms like size and material is vital. You can also try buying an anal training kit, which will include many different plugs of various sizes, with the help of which you can move to bigger butt plugs.
  3. Maintain healthy practices of hygiene- Any kind of sexual activity which is related to anus requires extra care when it is a matter of cleanliness. Without having proper hygiene, there is a bacteria that lives in the colon, which can easily spread to the mouth or genitalia, which can cause a severe infection to you. So you should wash your butt plug using warm water before and after you use it. 
  4. Set the mood- Before you go on with inserting the butt plug, you need to make yourself aroused. When you are turned on, your muscles get relaxed, which makes it a lot easier for you to enjoy the stimulation of anal. So if you are using a butt plug with your partner, you must try experimenting with different kinds of foreplay techniques before you actually insert it inside.
  5. Use a good amount of lubrication- Make sure that you have lubricant available nearby, so that you can reapply it while you are using a butt plug. Also lubricants that are silicone based and water based are the ones which work best with the butt plugs.
  6. Take time to set it up- Now, another crucial step of how to use a butt plug is to insert the plug slowly inside and you can start doing it by pushing the tip of it into your anus. Try to hold it inside for a minute, which will actually allow the sphincter muscles of your anus to get relaxed before you pull it out and take a break. And so when you are finally ready, just reinsert the plug and continue to push it deeper with a light hand. 

You can also try doing some breathing exercises to help your muscles to get relaxed. Just continue to do exercise until you can completely insert the plug inside in a proper way. Staying patient is the most important, as you might not be able to put the butt plug on trying for the first time.

  1. You can also wear the butt plugs during sex acts- When a butt plug is worn while having penetrative sex, it can add stimulation. Also, using butt plug that is vibrating while having vaginal penetration with a penis can help you to arouse other zones of your body, like the clitoris and scrotum. You can also consider to get engaged in other kind of sex acts while you wear the butt plug, such as masturbation, BDSM and oral sex for adding pleasure to your sexual acts.

What are the benefits of using a Butt Plug?

As you know now how to use a butt plug, it is also important for you to learn about its benefits. So whether you are looking to enhance your solo masturbation or want to try something that is completely now with your partner, this sex toy can help you to increase your pleasure in 3 different ways, as follows-

  1. It helps to prepare for the anal sex with a partner.
  2. It enables you to achieve the orgasm of anal.
  3. It helps to provide extra stimulation.

And thus, this is complete information about how to use a butt plug and what benefits it offers to you. So just follow the steps as they are mentioned above and as you do it, you will be completely ready to experience the anal orgasm!

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