The topic of this blog is how to copy multiple emails in Outlook to Thunderbird program. Read this post to discover the successful solution if you’re searching for the same thing.

The majority of users choose Microsoft Outlook over other options due to its robust features and sophisticated features. Additionally, it is not a free program; in order to use Outlook, the user must purchase the Microsoft Office suite.

However, Thunderbird is one of the most well-liked and frequently used email applications among most users when it comes to choosing a freeware email application. Switching from Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird has several benefits, such as platform independence, free and open-source software, and more. The file conversion process from PST file to MBOX format supported by Thunderbird is rather complicated.

Different Approaches to Move PST File to Thunderbird Email Client

Method 1. If Your Outlook Account Is Set Up for Gmail

The ability to manage several IMAP accounts is offered by both Outlook and Thunderbird. With the configured email account, users can import PST files into Thunderbird and transfer data back and forth. Use the instructions below if your Gmail account has already been set up with an Outlook profile.

  • Open the Outlook account that you have set up with Gmail.
  • To access the Outlook emails, just drag and drop them into the Gmail folder.
  • If not, you can make a new folder in your configured Gmail account and move all of your Outlook emails into it.
  • You must link the same Gmail account to the Thunderbird program after moving the necessary Outlook emails there.
  • You can quickly and easily view and access the emails in Thunderbird once the Gmail account has been successfully configured with Thunderbird.

Method 2. Use Google Takeout to Transfer PST Files into Mozilla Thunderbird

Use the Add Account option in Outlook to configure Gmail if it hasn’t been added to the program. After it’s connected, open Gmail ID and make a new folder with the name “TEST.” Now, select every desired Outlook email from the Inbox by pressing the Ctrl key. Next, remove every message from the newly created folder in the Gmail ID that you have configured. This is how to copy multiple emails in Outlook to Thunderbird step-by-step.

  • Enter the Gmail login credentials to access Google Takeout at
  • You must choose the data to add to the Thunderbird profile from the Download your data page.
  • Click Next after choosing the TEST folder, which has all of the Outlook emails, to proceed.
  • Choose the necessary file type, delivery method, and archive size under the Customise Archive Format section, then click the Create Archive button.
  • Enter your Gmail login information now, then download the ZIP file containing the Outlook data you need to import into your Thunderbird account.

Quick and Professional Way to Copy Multiple Emails in Outlook to Thunderbird

Using the CubexSoft PST Converter tool to export PST to Thunderbird file format is advised for a smooth and trouble-free PST file import to Thunderbird. It is a stand-alone program that enables users to transfer all of their PST emails to a format compatible with Thunderbird without worrying about data loss. A non-technical user can easily handle the file conversion process with this tool’s simplified interface, which eliminates any technical difficulties.

Import PST File to Thunderbird in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Download and launch the software on your machine
  2. Load PST files/folders to the software by clicking the Add Files button.
  3. Now, check the preview of all selected PST files and click the Export button.
  4. Select the saving option as Thunderbird from the list panel. Also, choose the destination path to save converted files.
  5. Lastly, press the Convert button to start the convert procedure.  

Helpful Note: Are you searching for a method to delete all duplicate items from Outlook, then don’t worry, here we are provided a smart program i.e. CubexSoft Outlook Duplicate Remover Tool. This software comes with an advanced feature for users to quickly remove duplicate items from Outlook without losing any original data.

Wrap Up!

The best method for importing PST files into the Thunderbird program is a question that many users have. Apart from the various manual techniques outlined in this article. Using the straightforward and useful method that the Outlook PST Converter feature offers is advised. It is an all-in-one solution for adding and importing straightforward PST files into Thunderbird.

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