How to Export Lotus Notes Document to PDF?

HCL Notes is a well-known and secure email client that is run by the HCL. Users who register for an account in Lotus Notes will receive a number of benefits and features, including the ability to manage tasks, send and receive instant messages, email, calendars, contacts, blogs, staff directories, and forums for groups. In addition, database files will be kept in NSF files across several network locations due to your encrypted information or email record.

However, without the HCL notes email client, users are unable to open or read the document that is stored in the NSF file. Users will therefore find it challenging to work with NSF file data in these circumstances. One can export Lotus Notes emails as PDF files to get around such situations.

The user’s go-to option for HCL Notes emails is always the portable document format (PDF). The following are some of the many advantages this conversion offers users: 

What is the purpose of saving Lotus Notes emails as PDFs?

  • To easily access the data from offline PDF files containing Lotus Notes documents.
  • Users can easily export their Lotus Notes emails as PDFs.
  • One can either directly or indirectly reduce the likelihood of data deletion by storing their HCL notes data in a PDF file.
  • to resolve Lotus Notes NSF file corruption issues brought on by various undesired errors.
  • One can readily access Lotus Notes mailbox data into other non-Lotus email clients by storing it in PDF file format.
  • Without altering the format, users were unable to access their Lotus Notes files on any other platform.
  • Professional users have expressed dissatisfaction with Lotus Notes, claiming it is not user-friendly enough or up to par.

The various requirements listed above are what prompt users to export their Lotus Notes documents as PDF files. Any queries such as: How to export Lotus Notes document to PDF? Check out the detailed steps for the manual method of downloading Lotus Notes emails to PDF now.

How to Export Lotus Notes Documents to a PDF File Manually?

There are three steps involved in solving this manually. Saving the Lotus Notes document folder in the EML file is the first step. Subsequently, import the EML file into Outlook and obtain it as an HTML file. Finally, launch the HTML files in Word and save them as PDFs.

Stage 1. Export Documents from Lotus Notes to an EML File

Step1. First, launch HCL Notes on your computer.

Step2. Now, transfer each email to a specific folder for export.

Step3. Use the drop-down menu when you right-click on the folder to choose Save.

Step4. On the screen, a Save as wizard appears. Execute the subsequent procedure here:

  • Choose the location to save a new.eml file.
  • Give the new file a name.
  • Check the extension using the Save as type menu.

Step5. Once that’s done, select Save.

Stage 2. Import EML in Outlook

  1. Start up Outlook on your PC.
  2. Go to the directory where EML files are kept, then pick a file.
  3. Drag and drop the chosen EML files into the Outlook program.
  4. Click on the File tab after choosing the folder.
  5. Select the Save As option first, and then select HTML.

Stage 3. Open Outlook in Word Document

  • Open your HTML files in the desktop version of Microsoft Word.
  • After choosing Save As when you click the File option.
  • a pop-up Save as tab. Enter the new file’s name here.
  • Choose PDF from the Save as Type menu, then press the Save button.
  • The export of Lotus Notes documents to a PDF file is now complete.

An Other Way to Export Lotus Items to PDF

To convert an HCL Notes database NSF file to a PDF file with 100% data accuracy, use a professional solution such as CubexSoft NSF to PDF Converter. It’s safe and dependable. With just one conversion cycle, the program enables users to export a large number of Lotus Notes NSF files to PDF format.

The utility is capable of converting Lotus Notes emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, appointments, journals, and other messaging data into a portable document file specification.


To sum up, I will only state that selecting a suitable solution is more important in order to carry out a thorough and secure document conversion from Lotus Notes to PDF format. It is simple to implement both automated and manual solutions. To export Lotus Notes documents to a PDF file, choose one.

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