Do you want to know how to import Gmail backup to another Gmail account? If yes, continue with this post. This post will walk you through the easy steps to import Gmail backup files back into your Gmail account. Let’s Begin

You can backup your Gmail account using the Google Takeout tool. Gmail backup files are mainly saved in MBOX (mailbox) format. The point to keep in mind here is that you can backup emails in Gmail and save them in MBOX format, you may not import them back directly into Gmail.

How to import Gmail backup to another Gmail account?

There is no manual way to import Gmail backup files to another Gmail account. As a result using an alternative is the only available option. The Google Takeout Converter is one of the widely trusted and used solution to import Gmail exported files into Gmail account. This software is easy to use and can import multiple backup files to any number of Gmail account

Steps to Export Gmail Archive Files to Different Gmail Account

  1. Download, install and launch the Google Takeout MBOX Converter Tool.
  2. Browse, select and import Gmail backup files into the software.
  3. Once all the files have been imported into the too, you may read them.
  4. Now, click the export tab and select Gmail from the list of saving options.
  5. Enter Gmail email address and password ad then click save button.

The tool will verify your credentials and then will import your files immediately. So, at this level of ease you can import Gmail backup files to another Gmail account. If you want to learn more about this tool, read its traits below.

Learn more about the Software

  • Easy to Use: This application is easy to use, thanks to its user interface. Whether you are a technical person or non-technical person, you will not find it difficult to use even in the first time.
  • Batch Migration: The application is highly efficient and can import large number of Gmail backup files into your Gmail account. This tool shows no restrictions when you export unlimited number of files.
  • Migrate with All metadata: This application export all the element associated with the emails. It exports all the emails, attachments, contact and other metadata elements with ease.
  • Read Backup Files: This tool has a built-in viewer tool. It allows you to read MBOX files extracted by Google Takeout. You may read emails in 4 different modes such as Hex, Raw, Headers and content.
  • Windows Compatibility: You may import Gmail backup files to another Gmail account on Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and any below edition.

In Conclusion

It is now easier to import Gmail backup to another Gmail account. We have offered you a best solution to do so. There is no direct way to do it; hence using an alternative method is the only option. You may check out the solution above and start your task.

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