ITIL Certification in Australia: Jobs for Beginners with ITIL in Hobart 2024

ITIL Certification in Australia: Jobs for Beginners with ITIL in Hobart 2024

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ITIL Certification: Maintaining employment can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world of IT and technology, so ITIL accreditation has become essential to staying ahead in this competitive employment environment. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification has become an indispensable certification for professionals who aim to advance their careers within IT management and service delivery. In this comprehensive guide, we explore ITIL certification opportunities available for Australians studying in Hobart as a target destination.

What Is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)?

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a collection of best practices for managing IT Service Management (ITSM), which aims to coordinate IT services according to business requirements. Companies using it as part of their procedures provide top-quality IT services while improving general business procedures. Initially developed by the UK Government in 1997 and widely adopted worldwide since.

Importance of ITIL Certification for Project Success

ITIL certification is crucial for professionals working in the IT sector for various reasons.

  • Improved Skills: ITIL certification equips professionals with an efficient framework for IT service management, deepening their expertise and comprehension in this area.
  • Career Advancement: ITIL-certified professionals are highly sought-after across various sectors, giving them more job opportunities and a higher earning potential.
  • Improved Service Delivery: ITIL practices help organizations streamline their IT process for managing services, which results in improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • ITIL Is Globally Recognized: ITIL has become widely adopted across multiple countries and cultures, making it a helpful guideline for global professionals.
  • Adaptability: ITIL can quickly adapt to different business models, making its value applicable across numerous industries.

ITIL Certification Levels

ITIL certification can be divided into multiple levels that reflect various degrees of expertise and specialization.

  1. ITIL Foundation: ITIL Foundation certification provides essential knowledge of ITIL principles and best practices, giving an in-depth overview of this crucial discipline.
  2. ITIL Practitioner: This level focuses on applying ITIL theories in practical situations and improving IT management of services.
  3. ITIL Intermediate: This ITIL level offers two streams to students at this level – Service lifecycle management and service capability with particular attention given to aspects such as design and strategy for service provisioning.
  4. ITIL Expert: This level entails an in-depth knowledge of ITIL procedures and is tailored specifically towards professionals pursuing advanced specialization.
  5. ITIL Master: This certification represents the pinnacle of ITIL knowledge. Specifically designed to recognize those with an expert understanding of its core concepts who can apply them effectively even under challenging conditions, ITIL Masters possess extensive expertise when applying these principles to complex environments.

ITIL Certification in Australia

Australia has adopted ITIL as its standard, and many organizations are hiring certified experts to improve IT Service Management. As demand for certified professionals increases, demand will likely continue well past 2024 and beyond that timeline. Now, let’s focus on Hobart, Tasmania, specifically, and look at career prospects available to those newly certified by 2024 with ITIL credentials.

Jobs Available for Beginners in ITIL in Hobart

IT Support Specialist If you possess ITIL Certification and are new to IT support services, a great place to start would be as an IT Support Specialist. Your duties include offering technical support to users while troubleshooting any IT-related issues and ensuring smooth service operation. ITIL techniques will prove indispensable in managing service requests effectively.

  1. Service Desk Analyst: Analysts are indispensable in managing service requests and incidents. Their job involves reducing disruptions to service delivery while offering prompt assistance to users requiring help. Leveraging ITIL knowledge, they help the desk run more smoothly.
  2. Junior IT Project Coordinator: ITIL principles can be beneficial when managing projects. As a junior IT Project Coordinator, you’ll be involved with planning and coordinating IT projects as part of their development cycle. Through ITIL training, you will learn to manage risks effectively while meeting timeliness standards and maintaining high levels of service delivery.
  3. IT Technicians: As IT technicians are responsible for configuring and maintaining both software and hardware systems, ITIL certification is invaluable in understanding the significance of designing services, the effects of infrastructure changes, and maintaining the security of these services.
  4. IT Service Coordinator: Your responsibilities as IT Service Coordinator will include overseeing service activities and implementation of ITIL procedures while improving service quality. Your expertise in this area will ensure IT services meet business requirements and expectations.
  5. Service Desk Coordinator: Service Desk Coordinators oversee the day-to-day operation at the Service Desk and supervise receiving and responding to service requests while ensuring IT services are efficiently delivered as per service level agreements and ITIL. Best practices are integral to their job duties.
  6. Senior IT Service Manager: As you gain more experience, your goal should be to become an IT Service Manager Junior. In this position, you would assist in designing, planning, and directing IT services; an ITIL certification will give you the foundation required for understanding its model and continuous improvement.
  7. Change Management Specialist: Transition management is an integral aspect of ITIL, with IT Change Analysts playing a vital role in planning and implementing any IT service changes without disrupting business operations. Your knowledge of ITIL will come in handy here!
  8. IT Process Analyst: The IT Process Analysts are responsible for evaluating and improving IT processes used to deliver services. They use ITIL knowledge to find areas where improvement projects should be implemented to enhance service delivery.
  9. ITIL Consultant: Once you’ve gained extensive ITIL expertise, becoming an ITIL Consultant might be an appealing proposition. In this role, you provide direction for companies seeking to adopt ITIL practices and enhance the quality of their IT process management.

Preparing for ITIL Certification

If you want a career in IT services management in Hobart and beyond, ITIL certification may be the key to your success. Below are a few steps you can take in preparation and passing this ITIL Foundation exam:

  • Study Materials: Purchase ITIL Foundation exam guidebooks or textbooks as part of your exam prep study materials to gain a greater understanding of what makes up the ITIL Framework and core concepts. These materials will also aid you in learning about them!
  • Training: Take part in ITIL Foundation training! Many training companies provide both in-person and online courses to help you grasp these complex concepts more thoroughly.
  • Practice Exams: Use test-taking exercises to put your understanding and familiarity with what’s expected in an exam format to the test, which can increase confidence and quality performance during examinations. This will increase exam success!
  • Registration: Register your ITIL Foundation exam through an approved exam provider, selecting from paper or online exams depending on what best suits you.
  • Study and revise: Take time to devote to changing and studying ITIL Foundation material, using flashcards, notes, or any other means necessary to increase your knowledge. Flashcards may come in handy here, too!
  • Exam Day On your exam date, ensure that you arrive at the examination center early and are well-rested and prepared to follow all exam guidelines carefully.
  • Pass the Exam: Take and Pass the ITIL Foundation Exam: Succeed at taking and passing the ITIL Foundation exam, and you’ll earn your ITIL Foundation certification, making you eligible to apply for different basic IT management positions in Hobart.


ITIL certification has long been seen as an asset to IT professionals worldwide, and its relevance is only increasing within Australia – including Hobart! Looking ahead, students who hold ITIL certification will have numerous job opportunities available in Hobart for various IT service management positions by 2024.

Start this rewarding and lucrative IT service management career by earning the ITIL Foundation certification. Your hard work in studying and practicing will open doors to rewarding and lucrative roles within IT service management, creating an impactful impact on businesses in Hobart as well as organizations worldwide.


Is ITIL certification necessary in Hobart to secure IT employment?

ITIL accreditation can be enormously advantageous when seeking IT jobs in Hobart. By creating a structured system for IT Service Management, ITIL accreditation makes you more attractive to employers while increasing the chances of career progression.

How can I select the appropriate ITIL Certification level?

Determining which ITIL certification level best meets your professional objectives depends on experience and your goals. Beginners may wish to start at ITIL Foundation, while more experienced individuals may opt for higher levels such as Intermediate or Expert certifications.

Are there any training facilities in Hobart that can assist me with ITIL certification?

There are training institutions in Hobart that offer ITIL certification classes. In addition, accredited companies also provide online courses which may meet your requirements better.

What are the costs associated with ITIL certification?

The cost of ITIL certification may depend on its level and training provider; for more accurate prices, it is advisable to inquire with trusted training providers.

How long will it take to prepare for and pass the ITIL Foundation exam?

Preparing for an exam varies depending on each individual; on average, students typically spend 20-30 hours studying before sitting for the ITIL Foundation exam.

Is ITIL certification globally accepted?

ITIL certification is recognized and widely respected, making it an excellent certification choice for IT professionals looking to work internationally.

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