As people spend more time at home due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, it seems that more and more people are looking to meet people online and enjoying dates. However, you may have simple questions such as, “Can I find a nice person online?” and “What should I do about online dating?” Therefore, Sekirara Zexy asked Saki Ito, the editor-in-chief of the romance media “Match Up” and a Seeking sommelier, about the latest online dating. We’ll show you how to use online to get more excited in a time when we can’t meet in person!

What is online dating?

Online dating is where you use video calling features such as Zoom or LINE and seeking .com to enjoy face-to-face conversations online without meeting in person. Recently, in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Seeking companies have introduced video call functionality into their Seekings, so many users are using it as a way to “evaluate” before meeting in person for the first time.

In fact, in our survey, 65% of Seeking promo code users answered that their first date was an online date.

There are traditional online dates where you both talk while drinking your favorite drinks, and couples who like games seem to have fun together. Some couples have fun using LINE’s video-calling game feature

What are the benefits of finding a partner online?

Seeking is useful when looking for a partner online. Various Seekings have appeared from various companies. In fact, on Seekings, the profile and the actual person often don’t match expectations, for better or for worse. When using Seeking, the key is to carefully assess your partner. It is best to go on several online dates before deciding whether to meet in person and start dating.

You can check your partner on video

What many users of Seekings fear is whether or not the person they meet matches their profile. We live in an era where photos can be edited to be as beautiful as you like. There are times when you meet someone in person and find that they look completely different from their profile picture. On the other hand, online dating is a video exchange, so it’s closer to the real person than a photo, and you can get a sense of the person’s personality through conversation, so it’s safe.

Good cost performance

Online dating can be said to be overwhelmingly cost-effective. The first date is a phase to see if the person matches your profile, but it’s not cost-effective to spend money on travel, food, and time.

Online dating doesn’t take much time or money, and you can go on a date even if you’re wearing your pajamas.

You can judge the other person by concentrating on the conversation.

On a normal date, you might be nervous about where and what to do, and you might not be able to think about the conversation, but on an online date, the basic content is just conversation, so I think it’s easier to align your values.

If you have fun on an online date, you’ll have fun on a regular date, so it seems like there’s a good chance that you’ll become a couple from there.

You can avoid sluts and married people

For women, being able to avoid sluts and married men is an advantage. Most Yarimoku men don’t want to go through the hassle of online dating. Additionally, married people cannot date online from home.

What are some tips for successfully dating someone you’re interested in online?

Choose someone with similar interests!

Online dating is all about conversation, so it’s often difficult to communicate well when you meet someone for the first time. To have a fun online date with lively conversation, you need to choose a partner. The point is whether you have the same hobbies.

I sometimes meet men and women on arranged dates through my matchmaking service, and it’s much more exciting if the two have the same hobbies, and it’s easier to develop a relationship afterward.

Just smile!

Smiling is important for women. It’s hard to smile online, which can cause men to shrink back and fall into a downward spiral where the conversation doesn’t progress. When women laugh, men can also have fun talking.

The ability to organize a conversation is also important!

One thing that online dating has in common is the ability of men to take charge. Men who lead the conversation by saying, “First, I’d like to introduce myself” are very likable. If you think the man you’re dating is shy, don’t be afraid to ask the woman to bring up the topic.

What are the key points to improve your impression of online dating?

Check how you look on camera

Cameras connected to a PC often produce better images than smartphone cameras. In the case of a PC camera, your face may appear smaller than on a smartphone because it captures a wide area. With either camera, it’s a good idea to adjust it to the angle that gives you the best view.

In your room rather than a Zoom background!

If possible, I think it would be better to use your room rather than the Zoom background. Sometimes a small item that appears on the screen can become a conversation starter. I also like that there are books lined up in the background. Of course, a dirty room doesn’t leave a good impression on your partner, so make sure to clean it up before going on an online date.

Check out what’s reflected!

When it comes to online dating, you may be surprised at what you see on the screen. It’s a good idea to check the area that will be reflected on the screen and how the light will hit the screen in advance so that you don’t end up looking pale or feeling like your room is a mess.

Also, check the brightness of the room!

What you see on the screen will form your impression, so a dark room is a no-no. If the image appears too dark, you can use a photography light (about 3,000 yen) to brighten the room.

Don’t forget the skin correction function!

Some online dating video calling apps come with a feature that will cleanse your skin. Zoom has a skin correction function, so be sure to turn it on before your date.

There are also cases of people getting married after meeting online.

I think online dating has the advantage of not being able to meet people, but it creates a deeper level of communication and makes it easier to align your values. I know a couple who talked a lot on Skype and over the phone before the spread of the coronavirus, and they started dating to get married the same day they met.

One couple filed their marriage registration in 53 days. I hope you all find wonderful encounters through online dating


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