Roads without traffic signs in Pakistan are hard to imagine. These technical means ensure road safety by informing drivers and pakistan. About the location or approach of infrastructure facilities. Changes in traffic patterns and other important information. On Russian roads, 294 road signs are use, they differ in purpose, shape, colour. All road signs are divide into 8 categories. According to functionality and external characteristics. Warning, priority, prohibition, service, prescriptive, especially prescriptive, informational and additionally informational. We will not consider each category , but will single out only 7 road signs that are most often found on Russian roads.

The most popular road signs on Pakistan Roads: TOP-7

The specialists of our production company “Technology” have compiled. A list of road signs that are most often installed on Lahore roads:

Road works

Belongs to the category of warning TODD (technical means of organising traffic). It informs drivers and pedestrians about the approach to the area where work with the roadway is being carried out. Road users, taking into account this information, take measures to improve their own safety. A yellow background means that the work is being carried out . The sign is place 50-100 m from the dangerous area in the settlement and 150-300 m outside it. Installation of the sign “Road works” is also possible at a different distance. But then the plate 8.1.1 is additionally used. Which shows how many metres from the warning sign to the difficult section.

Give way

Giving way is a priority. It indicates that the driver should give way to cars moving on the intersecting highway. If the sign is supplement with a sign 8.13, then you need to give way to cars moving along the main one. That is, in fact, thanks to this sign. Drivers are guide in the order of passage of an intersection or a section of the road. Where there is no traffic light or insufficient width of the roadway. TSODD is install in front of the site.

Entry prohibited

Belongs to the category of prohibiting TODD. This sign indicates to drivers that they cannot move in a particular direction. For violation of the rules for the first time, a fine is threaten, for a repeated violation, the driver loses the right to drive a car for a year. The rule does not apply to route vehicles. Sign 3.1 is install in front of a crossroads or intersection.

Stopping is prohibited

Also belongs to the category of prohibitions and is valid on the side of the road where it is install. This section to the nearest intersection or to the end of the settlement, if there is no intersection, is determine by yellow markings. Or is it a zone before the effect of repeated signs 3.27-3.30. “End of the zone of all restrictions” with signs 8.2.2 / 8.2.3, and the last sign indicates that it is already possible to stop. The ban on stopping does not apply to fixed-route transport and taxis in places marked with markings 1.17 and/or signs 5.16/5.18.

Pedestrian crossing

belongs to the group of special requirements. The installation of the road sign 5.19 1 is carry out to the right of the road. At the crossing border relative to the movement of vehicles in the absence of markings 1.14.1/1.14.2. The size of the pedestrian crossing is determine by the width of the markings or signs – from 5.19.1 to 5.19.2. If the driver, in the presence of a sign at the crossing, did not give way to pedestrians, cyclists and other road users who take advantage, he faces a fine.

Artificial unevenness

Also refers to the TODD group of a special prescription. It is install closer to the “speed bump” (artificial road bumps, IDN ) relative to the movement of vehicles.


Parking informational. Used to state an area designated for car parking. We have compiled a rating of signs that are often used within the city. They need to be remember by both novice and experienced drivers.

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