Role of Co-curricular Activities Play in a Student’s Life in CBSE School in Noida

Role of Co-curricular Activities Play in a Student’s Life in CBSE School in Noida

3 November 2023 Off By Kajal Verma

Students, particularly those in secondary school, are under a lot of pressure to do well on tests and achieve good grades. This is not always a bad thing; it is natural for parents to want their children to do well in CBSE school in Noida. The issue arises when kids just focus on their studies and have no activities outside of school. Extracurricular activities allow students to hone specialized skills. 

Co-curricular pursuits are a great way to venture outside of the classroom and engage in novel experiences. In school in Noida, these activities take place alongside extracurricular activities and allow students to demonstrate their non-academic abilities. It gives them a sense of accomplishment to have done something while still in school. 

Co-curricular activities are introduced into the academic curriculum to assist students in developing skills that go beyond their subject expertise. Co-curricular activities also help to improve classroom teaching approaches.


Why Are Co-Curricular Activities Important in Secondary CBSE Schools in Noida in Addition to Academics?

1. Increases Self-Confidence

One of the primary reasons for the relevance of co-curricular activities in school in Noida is that it enhances students’ self-confidence. Whether your children prefer drawing and painting or cricket, being recognized for something other than academics will improve their self-esteem and attitude. Co-curricular activities also increase students’ fitness and help them develop several good characteristics. 

This helps kids develop a sense of teamwork while also enhancing their self-esteem. A confident child is better prepared to handle real-life challenges with zeal. Not every student succeeds academically. As a result, achievement, or recognition for participation in a co-curricular activity can significantly increase children’s self-esteem. This frequently has a positive impact on classroom performance.

2. It Promotes Social Skills Development

At an alarming rate, children are developing into socially awkward individuals. Kids can meet like-minded individuals, overcome social obstacles, and form wholesome connections with one another through extracurricular activities. Children who participate in extracurricular activities might interact with others who have similar interests to their own. 

This also allows them to widen their social circle and possibly develop new friendships outside of their usual circle. Students simultaneously learn and recognise the value of teamwork. It will help draw their attention away from unpleasant and inappropriate activity.

3. Time Management Ability

Another advantage of co-curricular activities is that they assist students in managing their time. Studies show that kids who take part in extracurricular activities comprehend time management better than those who don’t. They learn to prioritise their work and attain their goals in a short period. Children who participate in extracurricular activities learn vital skills like leadership and time management. 

Extracurricular activities allow children to establish a balance between their academic commitments and their hobbies. This will help children acquire time management and prioritisation skills. Students who participate in co-curricular activities learn to manage their time effectively and prioritise competing commitments.

4. Helps You Discover Your Hidden Talent

Academics is normally a learned skill; however, every child is born with a great talent. Few people, though, can truly recognize it. Secondary school is a good opportunity to push oneself by trying new activities and considering new ideas. Participating in co-curricular activities allows students to discover a new passion, talent, or even career goal. People find inspiration in places other than the classroom. Extracurricular activities allow children to express their talents while also providing them with wings to soar properly.

5. Being Responsible and Having a Deep Feeling of Commitment

Extracurricular activities in CBSE school in Noida instill in students a sense of dedication and responsibility. This is because children must participate in whatever activities they are involved in and dedicate time and attention to them. They tend to develop leadership qualities when they are given the job of leading the team or supporting their juniors. 

As a result, they will develop a sense of accountability and responsibility. Co-curricular activities encourage students to commit to something for a longer amount of time. In addition, numerous learners take part in similar activities year after year, allowing them to improve their leadership skills.

6. Personal Improvement and Evolution

According to research, extracurricular activities help children learn to care for their friends. Children, on the other hand, gradually develop this mindset over time as a result of extracurricular activities that allow them to collaborate with their classmates as part of a team. 

Furthermore, children learn to share while also caring for one another. A well-rounded personality is developed and strengthened through extracurricular activities. As they explore new things, students gain skills for dealing with non-routine situations. They’d be traveling into areas they’d never been before.

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