Smurfing: The Fun Part of It in Valorant

Smurfing: The Fun Part of It in Valorant

As we all know, Valorant has been booming ever since its release in 2020, with its increasing roster, vast gameplay mechanics, room for creativity and its steady incline in its dominance in the E-Sport scene. As the news broke out before its release the game in fact it was deemed as the game to replace Counter Strike, the fabled FPS shooter, known as the Godfather of all FPS. And indeed so far, it has is slowly proving itself to be owning up to its original promise.

Along with this comes its rise in marketplaces online. The game, in its nature, is free of course, but its ranked system is quite perilous, as it does require for raw skill instead of just dumb luck and/or good teammates, to rise these ranks. And therefore, this calls for a reasonable amount of grind and time dedicated to the game itself, in its competitive mode. With the influx of rather new players, who are not that well versed in FPS on its own, and/or veteran FPS players coming in to finally try out the new hot game, the climb across the trench of Valorant Ranks is indeed challenging. Luckily, marketplaces online who have been selling video game accounts for years, just like CS:GO, has implemented the same idea, of providing people with Valorant Smurf Ranked Accounts, in order to take out this time and effort required for the grind to get to that specific rank. Of course, as the saying goes, “Time is Money, Money is Time”, for a nominal fees, players can opt to buy Higher or Lower Ranked Valorant Smurf Accounts. This is a great solution, if it’s looked at it in a way. As it not only saves time, but also allows the freedom of the player to select their desired Valorant Rank they want to start playing in, whether it be Gold or Diamond.

And one might ponder what is the point of getting a higher rank, if one is not skilled enough, well, it often has been the case for several players to never realize what actual competitive gameplay is, especially ones stuck in the trenches of Valorant Ranks, for either bad teammates, poor connectivity, or unfortunate games. Sometimes it’s the experience in these higher ranks that forges a player to their true potential. Yes, on the surface it may seem that the low-skilled player might sabotage the game, but one can also complain that they will have poor teammates nevertheless in every rank, therefore it negates the presence of this new player in this elevated environment. Some even improve their games, playing and practicing on these smurf valorant ranked accounts, making it a win-win overall. On the other hand some players who come from higher skill groups often want to relax, lay back, and play their favourite game with their friends who might hail from a lower rank. In fact, Valorant does not allow competitive matchmaking unless the ranks match within a range, to maintain skill levels, so this is a neat bypass around it. The player might not always be a negative influence on the game a smurf, yes there might be one or two nasty headshots that one might find to be a rarity to witness in a Silver lobby, but, as long as nobody’s sabotaging the result of the match, both type of players, one seeking higher or lower ranks, can have a pleasant time, either experiencing new tactics or just enjoying the slow times with friends. For a smurf, in this sense getting a ranked valorant account online for a few bucks works out better than going through the perils of registration and playing 10 games to unlock competitive and 10 more to get a rank that depends on their games. It’s a simple solution to skip the grind and get right to the scene, guns blazing.

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