Surge Protected Extension Safeguarding Your Electronics

Surge Protected Extension Safeguarding Your Electronics

12 October 2023 Off By Abacus Range


Today, in the digital age we live in homes that are packed with electronics and gadgets which make life easier. But, they are susceptible to power surges and could damage the devices. In order to protect your precious electronics by utilizing a surge protected extension is vital. This blog post by blogger will take you through the minefield of surge protectors. It will provide important information, advice as well as recommendations.

What is a Surge Protected Extension?

A surge-protected extension or an surge protector also known as a power strip shields your electronic devices from power and voltage surges. These power surges may originate from electricity, lightning strike malfunctions as well as activating and shutting off power-intensive appliances. Surge protectors are an effective barrier between your devices as well as these potential dangerous surges.

Why Do You Need a Surge Protector?

Protects Against Voltage Spikes

High voltages can result in significant harm to electronic gadgets. The surge protected extension lead removes excessive power from devices to ensure they have an uninterrupted and secure energy supply.

Extends the Lifespan of Electronics

To prevent damage due to surges in power Surge protectors are able to significantly increase the longevity of your equipment. It means you will need fewer repairs and more savings over the long-term.

Ensures Safety

Security should be always the top concern. Surge protectors lower the danger of electrical fires as well as danger to you and loved ones efficiently regulating electrical surges.

How to Choose the Right Surge Protector

When choosing the appropriate extension with surge protection There are some essential aspects to be considered:

Joule Rating

The rating of joules indicates the ability of the surge protection extension to take in the energy. The higher the joule rating, the more security. Find a protective device that is at minimum 600 joules.

Number of Outlets

Think about how many devices you must protect. Surge protectors can be found in many types, so you should choose one that has enough outlets.

Response Time

A surge protector that has a faster reaction time will provide greater security. You should look for a response speed that is less than one nanosecond.


An effective surge protector extension lead must be covered by a guarantee. It shows the confidence of the manufacturer in the reliability of their product.


Q1: Can I connect an existing surge protector to an additional surge protector?

There is no reason to be advised to use daisy-chain surge protectors in order to decrease their effectiveness. Instead, you should use one quality surge protector that is high-end to ensure your devices are protected.

Q2 What happens to surge protectors as they wear out?

The surge protectors only have a short time of life and wear out in the span of. Removing them each 2-3 years is the best option for the most security.

Q3: Is it possible to use an surge protector in conjunction in conjunction with an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

It is true that using the surge protector along using a UPS is a good option. It offers the protection of surges and batteries for power interruptions.

Q4: Does turning off surge protection when it is not is required?

Although it’s not required but it’s an excellent practice to switch off the surge protector when devices aren’t in use in order to reduce energy consumption and improve security.


An extension with surge protected extension is a modest investment which can spare you major headaches and costs over the long term. It shields your electronics and extends their life span, and protects your property. If you are choosing a surge protector take into consideration factors such as how many joules, the amount of outlets, the response time as well as the warranties. If you choose a reliable surge protector gives you security and peace of mind, while also protecting the gadgets you value from unintentional power surges.

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