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The Ultimate Guide to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay

Essay writing is one of the basic skills that students must master, but unfortunately, most of them hate writing essays. In the Western world essay writing is not as emphasized as in Asian countries. Even high school students of the Western world are keen enough to write essays. In your academic career, you are asked to write several different types of essays. The most common essay type that all the students know about is the five-paragraph essay. It is the most suitable form of essay that we use to convey arguments and ideas in an effective manner. Whether you are a college student looking for essay writing help or a teacher trying to improve her writing skills this blog will help you with learning essay writing.

Proper Understanding Of Five-Paragraph Essay

 The essay type that has been in use in schools, colleges, and universities alike is the five-paragraph essay that consists of three major parts. The first part of a conventional essay is known as its introduction, and the second is the body which can be three paragraphs long. The last or the third part is that of the conclusion. Each part of the essay has a purpose to serve and helps maintain a flow in the writing. The five-paragraph essay format offers a defined framework so that you can organize your thoughts in a systematic manner. It serves as one of the best tools for students of all levels.

The Introduction: Setting the Stage

 The introduction can be called the tone-setter of your essay. Most smart users use their essay introduction as a hook to attract the readers toward their essay. It is the part of the essay in which the writer mentions the basic idea or thesis question in a creative way. It consists of three main elements that include:-

  • The Hook

It is the part of the introduction that attracts the attention of the reader towards the essay.

  • Background Information

In this part, you have to tell the reader about the context or the reason behind choosing that particular topic.

  • Thesis Statement

It is the part of the introduction of the essay that tells the reader about the main point you will be discussing in your essay and why.

Paragraphs 2-4 The Body

The body of an essay starts from the second paragraph and ends at the end of the fourth paragraph. Though the body of the essay consists of three paragraphs the writers must not discuss more than one idea per paragraph. In fact, some amateur writers make the mistake of stuffing one paragraph with various ideas that confuse the reader. Certainly, overstuffing of ideas in a single paragraph affects the quality of the essay in a negative way. Moreover, the body of your essay is the part where you have to discuss the main idea and provide your arguments in favor of your thesis statement. Three important parts of the essay body are:-

Topic Sentence

The best step a writer must take is to start the body of the first paragraph of the essay with the topic he wishes to discuss. Writing about your topic in the first sentence sets the pace and tone for the rest of the paragraph.

Supporting Details and Examples

 In the body of the essay, you can also mention the supporting evidence and examples to support your argument. In this part, you can add your facts and figures, anecdotes, and statistics. Additionally, you must make sure that each evidence you provide directly relates to your main argument.

Explanation and Analysis

Don’t just share information you must analyze and tell your reader how your evidence supports your claim. Guide your reader to the purpose of your thesis.


Use the transition between one paragraph and the other to create a smooth flow of ideas. Transition plays a vital role in guiding the reader through your essay. The writer must use good transitional words to create a flow between the sentences. If you don’t know how to use the transitional worlds perfectly you can hire a cheap essay writing service in UAE to do it for you.

The conclusion

It is the last part of your essay you must never introduce a new idea. In this part, you have to sum up everything that you have written in the body of the essay. In fact, this is the part of the essay that connects the whole body content to the result that is derived in the end. Moreover, you must summarize the whole essay in the last part but in the shortest possible way. Furthermore, you must write your concluding thoughts about the topic and suggest further research if you think so.


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