The way that humans led their life changed completely with the introduction of wheel. Tire can be also seen as an enhanced version of that wheel, and it is used in every vehicle, from cycle, car, truck etc. Ever wondered, how a tire is made, a tire is formulated by setting raw rubber into a mold, so that it can take the desired shape and acquire the size needed.

In this blog, we will not exactly talk about the tire, but the mold, with the help of which a tire is acquires its shape, or should we say rubber acquires the shape of a tire. And, not only that, how the mold can be made using the technology of 3D printing.

What is 3D Printing Technology Doing in Tire Mold Manufacturing?

In the industry of tire mold manufacturing, 3D printing has two levels of application: first, complex tire molds, particularly the manufacturing of steel sheet in winter tires or snow tire molds requiring high performance. The second one is the integrated manufacturing of complex molds, that is, there is no requirement to manufacture steel sheets and inlaid steel sheets separately.

This application is used to simplify the procedure and upgrading the tires. It has an improved performance.

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Constant Tech Advancements are Taking Place

Advancements are still going on in the process of upgrading the process of laying the 3D printed metal sheets into the tires, and soon the issue of inlaying will get completely resolved.

3D printing technology being used in the tire mold manufacturing is a part of the development, which has taken place to help the booming demand for tire molds all over the world.

The increasing demand of tire molds has a lot to do with the rising disposable income of the people and their inclination toward buying vehicles.


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