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Wedding Florist Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Floral Artist and Wedding Decoration?

Your wedding flowers will be in every important photo and help create ambience, so how do you ensure blooms are picture-perfect? With so many florists to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to select the right pro for your big day. But asking the right questions, checking reviews, understanding floral options, and communicating your vision help find a local florist who brings your wedding dreams to life. 

Read on for tips to help you discover the ideal floral artist to execute your wedding style.

Tip 1:- Establish a style

Start your search by gathering recommendations from recently married friends, looking at real weddings featured in blogs or magazines, and reading reviews on wedding sites. Make a list of potential florists. Browse their online portfolios to evaluate work and see if their floral creations align with your wedding style. 

Provide plenty of descriptive vocabulary, adjectives, emotional words, and imagery references to convey the exact feeling, mood, and ambience you want to achieve overall. Share inspirational photos from Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, or other weddings with similar aesthetics. Be open to suggestions but very clear on your priorities and vision.

A professional florist can then take your preferences and influences to design arrangements that stay true to your desired style, whether that is a romantic English garden, modern minimalist, rustic chic farmhouse, seasonal luxury, or boho eclectic. Just ensure they fully grasp the big picture before designing. Your vision sets the floral tone.

Tip 2:- Create a Pinterest board

Here are some tips for creating a Pinterest board to help communicate your wedding floral vision:

  • Create a dedicated “wedding flowers” Pinterest board to collect inspirational images. Organize into sections like bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony décor, etc.
  • Search for pins using keywords like “elegant white rose bouquet”, “sunflower table garland”, or “boho chic ceremony arch” to find styles you love.
  • Choose pins that reflect your wedding colors, flower varieties, themes, and degree

Tip 3:- Get recommendations

These are the tips for using Pinterest to convey your wedding floral vision:

  • Create separate inspiration boards for bouquets, centerpieces, ceremony decor, etc. This provides more focused examples.
  • Use section dividers or comments on pins to note must-have flowers, color combos, styles to avoid, and other guidance.
  • Incorporate any cultural or religious significance certain flowers may have for your ceremony.
  • Have a board for seasonal or locally grown bloom options appropriate for your wedding timing.
  • Include venue architecture pics and wedding detail shots to show the desired ambiance.
  • Make a board of your wedding palette swatches to easily convey your color scheme.
  • Show geographic-specific styles if having a destination wedding.
  • Create a budget ideas board with affordable DIY elements you want to incorporate.
  • Make a honeymoon location board if you want locale-inspired floral designs.
  • Avoid overwhelming your florist – stick to 2-3 focused, curated boards.
  • Review boards together during in-person consultations. Offer clarification.

Tip 4:- Schedule One-on-One Consultations

Once you have a shortlist of potential florists, schedule in-person consultations to get a sense of their vision, personality, and creative process. Come prepared with your wedding colors, flower preferences, venue details, season, and any special requests to discuss your floral needs. Ask questions about their experience, services, pricing tiers, and ability to accommodate custom designs. Look for a pro who intently listens to your preferences while also offering expert advice. Revisit florists that felt like the best fit.

Things to Discuss at Consultations:

  • Overall floral vision – colors, flower types, styles you love
  • Bouquet and centerpiece expectations
  • Ceremony décor needs – pew arrangements, chuppah, petals
  • Venue limitations or requirements
  • Seasonal flower options and recommendations
  • The creative process for bringing your vision to life
  • Pricing tiers and average wedding investment
  • Additional lighting, linens, or rental offerings
  • How do they handle out-of-town weddings


From finding the perfect bouquet to reception centrepieces, your wedding flowers decoration set the aesthetic tone for the entire event. Research, consultations, and communicating concepts help ensure you select a florist whose sensibility meshes with your own. They can then bring your exact floral vision vibrantly to life. So take time to ask the right questions, understand offerings, and evaluate work. Finding an ideal florist partner results in wedding flowers as perfect as your photos.

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