Hong Kong is very well-known for being an ostentatious city and a famous destination for luxury shopping. However, this city-state is rich in ethos and past and offers much more than just delicious dim sum and a striking skyline.

Hong Kong displays a spirit that is hard to pin down. There is rather fresh and characteristic around every corner, whether it is an old temple, a store contributing the latest technology, or a man walking his caged bird.

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Star Ferry

The star ferry is dated back to the 1880s and it is one of the best and amazing options if you are thinking of visiting Hong Kong. Victoria Harbor is an activity which will let you see all the shapes and sizes, zips, wallows and past. The main route to Hong Kong island is through the center and you can see the green mountains and amazing views here. The breeze here is fresh and amazingly refreshing which has wide and open spaces. So, you do not need to worry about the time to ride the ferry, you can always get a great seat here for the rail.

Hong kong skyline

This is one of the most recognizable skylines of the world. Not only will you see the skyscrapers here, but you will even see the mountains, the harbor set and the junk boats as well. The backdrop is just so amazing and when the sky darkens the city lights just make it even more beautiful. Two of the best places to be in Hong Kong is to see the skyline from the top of the Victoria peak/ the location is the best place to watch the symphony of lights and set the music.

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Victoria Peak

If you want to see the best skyline from the Hong Kong, then you need to be here at the Victoria peak to witness the best. The view point is just so amazing, the bustling city, the harbor, the surrounding islands all are amazing. The station is located near the entrance of the Hong Kong Park and here you are going to enjoy the best since the lush greenery, the trails are all beautiful.

Wong Tai sin temple

The temple is the newest and if you are the one who wishes to see the original temple, the private structure then you should be here, the building was replaced with a newer version and it is built to honor the god Wing Tai Sin. The locals regard the place as a sign for good luck and horse racing is very much popular here. The temple has a hall of three saints and here you can find various fortune tellers, offerings to visitors and a lot more.

So, you can visit the place anytime and spend an amazing time here. For getting the best deals and offers you can grab your online tickets from the Spirit airlines Reservations and get the best offers and deals on your bookings.

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