We are aware that Hajj and Umrah are spiritual journeys to Mecca that Muslims perform. These holy journeys consist of numerous ceremonies and aspects. Tawaf is one of the fundamental rituals of these religious pilgrimages. It is a wonderful gesture of strong dedication to Allah Almighty. God will accept any act of worship that is done appropriately and attentively. For more information, look at this article’s complete discussion: “What are the manners of Tawaf?”

The second-most important aspect of a holy journey to Mecca is Tawaf. This ceremony requires walking seven times around the Kaaba, beginning and ending at the Black Stone. There are numerous main manners for circumambulation, like completing seven rounds and making the intention. People need to have authentic knowledge about the basic requirements for Tawaf after booking Umrah Packages.

Fundamental manners of Tawaf

There are many basic manners for circumambulation. These are the following:

  1. Having a Muslim
  2. Being pure
  3. Covering the components of the body
  4. Making the intention
  5. Completing seven rounds
  6. Performing Tawaf from outside the Kaaba

Having a Muslim:

According to Islamic Sharia, it is not permissible for disbelievers to perform Tawaf because it is an act of worship. The acts of worship are not valid if performed by a disbeliever.

Being pure:

Purification is an essential requirement in a religious context. Therefore, before encircling the Kaaba, an individual must ensure that all impurities have been eradicated from him or his clothes. He must complete the wudu (ablution). Many Islamic scholars believe that circumambulation is invalid without ablution.

Covering the components of the body:

Many Islamic jurists agree that a circumambulation is a wonderful form of prayer and devotion to Allah Almighty. It is crucial to cover the same body parts during both the prayer and Tawaf. From the waist down to their legs, men must cover their entire bodies. However, women must cover every part of their bodies, except their faces and hands.

Making the intention:

According to Islamic tradition, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) highlighted the importance to Muslims of establishing intentions before beginning any action because actions are dependent on intention. In this way, Tawaf is an outstanding example of devotion to a forgiving God. Pilgrims should have an intention when they begin circumambulating the Kaaba.

Completing seven rounds:

Another requirement is that Tawaf must consist of seven complete rounds or circles. If an individual skips even one round, his circumambulation is null and void. A pilgrim should use the lowest number to determine how many times he has encircled the Kaaba, to ensure that he has completed it seven times.

Performing Tawaf from outside the Kaaba:

It is essential to make Tawaf from outside the Kaaba. The Kaaba includes the semicircular area, commonly known as Hateem. Therefore, if someone passes through it during Tawaf, his circumambulation is incorrect.

Forbidden actions during Tawaf

Pilgrims cannot engage in the following activities when they are around the Kaaba:

  • Performing circumambulation in a clockwise direction
  • Beginning encircling the Kaaba in a place rather than other, the Black Stone
  • To circumambulate the Kaaba with ritual impurity
  • Passing through the Hateem during circumambulation
  • Skipping any of the essential steps of Tawaf


To summarize this article, Tawaf is a beautiful expression of devotion to Allah Almighty. A pilgrim must make a full, anti-clockwise round before coming back to the Black Stone. People must be aware of the basic manners and requirements of Tawaf after booking Umrah Packages 2023. Making the intention and covering the body are two of the manners of circumambulation.

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