What is the reward of Umrah?

What is the reward of Umrah?

One of the best ways to be closer to Allah is umrah. Use one of the many All Inclusive Umrah Packages offered by travel operators to simplify Umrah. Millions of Muslims gather at the Holy Kaaba each year to enhance their relationship with Allah SWT purify their spirits and renew their purpose.

Benefits of the Umrah Holy Pilgrimage

Many benefits come from Umrah and those who undertake it from the heart will understand its significance. Muslims are not compelled to perform Umrah however Prophet Muhammad PBUH recommends it at least once. From clearing the heart to seeking Allah SWT blessings the modest trip changes lives.

A visitor of Allah SWT the universe Creator

One of Islam highest obligations is Umrah which allows pilgrims to visit Allah SWT the Supreme Creator of the universe. It is said that Allah SWT receives and accommodates pilgrims in His House Holy Kaaba when they devote their wealth and time to honour Him. Once inside Masjid Al Haram one feels a strange sense of silence tranquilly pleasure and cleanliness. This sentiment revives pilgrims and blesses Allah SWT.

Getting rid of poverty

Umrah is one of Muhammad loveliest Sunnahs. Making the Umrah is said to help escape poverty. Allah SWT improves and rewards rizq in exchange for time and money spent pleasing Him.

Opportunity to forgive all prior sins

Sin big or small is human nature. However Umrah allows one to cleanse their spirit and body of past sins. Umrah in the month of the Ramadan is equivalent to the Hajj Pilgrimage so many people book Ramadan Umrah Packages to perform the Umrah in the Ramadan. Almighty SWT allows people to make wishes and ask for pardon when He invites them to Umrah. Thus pilgrims should perform Umrah with love honesty and trust to purify their minds and spirits.

Increases faith

One commits multiple sins without realising it in today fast paced culture which diminishes trust. When done with sincerity Umrah improves Iman and pulls people closer to Allah SWT.

Umrah is rewarded similarly to jihad

To fight for Allah SWT is jihad. Islam considers it the highest honour. Martyrdom is the reward for jihad love and commitment. Today jihad isn’t active. The closest thing to jihad is undertaking the mandatory Umrah.

Gives physical fortitude

Islam is lovely because Allah Almighty is the Best of the Best Giver He gives you more than you deserve. It gives you strength and helps you recover from illness. Your soul and body lighter. Umrah boosts our nutrition and health.


The Rewards of Umrah

The Umrah journey renews trust in Allah SWT and Islam throughout. Since it purifies Muslims spiritually the Minor Pilgrimage or Sunnah of Umrah is beneficial and useful. Therefore every Muslim should perform Umrah pilgrimage to the Holy Kaaba at least once to seek God blessings and forgiveness for their sins.

Increases the dua dedication and commitment

In today fast paced culture people might commit multiple crimes without realising it which erodes confidence. When undertaken with a genuine intention Umrah strengthens Iman and brings one closer to Allah SWT.

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