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What You Should Know About Vinyl Wood Flooring

Vinyl wood flooring has become one of the top choices among Singapore homeowners, as it is cost-effective, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. However, there are some key aspects you must be aware of before choosing this form of flooring.

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When renovating your new home, flooring costs should be carefully considered. When choosing materials for this investment, vinyl offers both durability and affordability – it comes in various colors, patterns and styles to match any design preference you may have.

Vinyl flooring is an artificial synthetic floor covering composed of multiple layers, popular among Singapore homes due to its affordable price and durability. Furthermore, installation can be done easily within the house as it resists water and cleaning can be simplified. Vinyl comes both as sheets or tiles; with sheet vinyl typically sold between $2-5 per square foot while tiles tend to cost slightly more due to textures or specialty prints that add cost.

Dependent upon its quality, vinyl can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Phthalate-free and eco-friendly vinyl makes an excellent option that’s safe for children as well as seniors; furthermore it features slip and impact resistance as well as various designs and colours to choose from.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) have become an increasingly popular form of vinyl flooring in Singapore today, being both high-end and phthalate-free resilient floors suitable for HDB and private properties alike. Easy to install using click-on systems, luxury vinyl tiles boast thick wear layers with water resistance for long term performance and boast durable and stylish durability that’s hard to beat!


Flooring is an essential element of home renovations, yet is one of the costliest components. Because of this high cost of upgrading homes, upgrading can sometimes prove challenging for individuals due to high expenses associated with upgrading them. Vinyl Wood Flooring Singapore comes in handy as an economical solution that still gives a beautiful wood look while remaining water and stain-resistant making it suitable for any environment.

Vinyl Wood Flooring Singapore differs from carpet in that it is composed of manmade synthetic materials like fibres, PVC vinyl, and plasticizers – unlike carpet which relies solely on natural fibres for construction. Because its synthetic composition allows it to be printed with various patterns or styles that mimic wood or stone flooring surfaces – providing more authentic-looking floors to add style and warmth to any home decor.

Vinyl Wood Flooring Singapore can also offer additional advantages: it is durable material that will stand the test of time, yet easy to care for with regular sweeping and mopping, keeping the floor in top condition for many years to come. Your investment will surely pay off!

Vinyl Wood Flooring Singapore stands out as a sustainable option with low VOC emissions, helping prevent harmful fumes from entering your home and being installed over other materials without needing extensive removal or repairs.


Vinyl floors have become a popular choice in Singapore homes due to their affordability, durability and easy installation. Vinyl can also easily mimic natural materials like wood and stone for an authentic aesthetic in any room in your home. Some popular types of vinyl flooring include luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and sheet vinyl; LVT features multiple layers of polyvinyl chloride while sheet vinyl only includes one layer.

Vinyl floors are easy to care for and can last a lifetime with proper care. Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove loose dirt and debris. Avoid soap-based cleaners, abrasive mop and shine products, wax, or any other harsh cleaners as these will likely damage their surface over time. Instead use non-flammable mineral spirits or paint thinner for cleaning purposes; isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol can also be used to quickly erase scuffs and smudges.

Vinyl floors require less upkeep than other floor coverings, such as ceramic or laminate tiles, in terms of keeping their look. A quick sweep or vacuum should suffice to clear away dust, dirt, and pet hair. If your vinyl has printed top layer that needs wiping regularly with damp mop or cloth. Likewise, heavy furniture should always use plastic glides or double wheel casters when moving across them to maintain a fresh appearance.

Know how to clean vinyl flooring properly is crucial, as each type has different cleaning and care requirements. Some require no waxing at all while others must be lightly buffed using a squeegee. Always read your manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide in order to select appropriate products for your particular floor type.


Installing new flooring takes careful planning. For optimal performance and protection from damage, flooring contractors provide professional installation services that help select appropriate materials for your home and provide professional installation services – assuring your flooring will look and feel great within your space. They may even offer maintenance advice so your vinyl wood floors stay looking their best over time!

Vinyl flooring has become an increasingly popular alternative to natural stone and wood in Singapore, as it comes in various colors and designs and is durable yet water-resistant. Furthermore, its natural aesthetic can make it more suitable than tiles or parquet. Vinyl can also be laid in many ways according to your preferred installation method: sheets, tiles or planks are available depending on personal taste.

Finding the appropriate flooring for your home can be a tricky decision, taking into account factors like budget, style and functionality of each room when making this selection. When looking for flooring suppliers in Singapore to assist in making this selection process easier. Always consult with an established supplier first like Senwall Coverings, to make sure you receive quality solutions tailored specifically to you and your budget.

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