Where to find efficient 60kW generators? Try Perkins

Where to find efficient 60kW generators? Try Perkins

25 September 2023 Off By sophie davie

If you’re about to pause all your important work only to look for highly efficient generators, let us tell you, don’t waste your valuable time in looking for a power generator that operates using diesel because we’ve already found the most suitable match for you to purchase! But first, which company did you have in your mind? If you have any other company in mind, cross it out because Perkins is the right one for all those who are eagerly waiting to look for their desirable diesel genset. Without any further delay, continue reading the information mentioned below.  

A complete package

Believe it or not, you won’t be able to find better prices on other generators for sale because Perkins has the perfect variety for you. It seems fair to say that the most convenient package is the one available on the 60 kW gensets by Perkins. Why is that? So, let’s decide where to begin. Starting with the automatic controls, you can automatically start and stop the genset remotely, which would easily allow the genset to function without any interruptions. How convenient. There’s more of the good stuff! The Perkins generator engine is turbocharged and liquid-cooled. It even has an electronic governor! The DeepSea control panel is also designed phenomenally, simply because of the controls imposed on it! Additionally, it has a mainline circuit breaker that has three poles and is set mounted. It is maximum output rated so that the entire generator remains secured. Oh, did we mention the metallic fuel tank? It has a single wall and a capacity of 160 Liters! Perkins did a great job.

About the alternator

Surely, it would be a wise decision to choose that particular genset that contains an alternator that is manufactured by a reliable and experienced company, right? Who better to do it than Stamford? You’re smart enough to take the hint, and in case you have already, this 60 kW generator by Perkins has a Stamford Cummins UCI224E alternator that provides automatic voltage regulation for the entire genset to function smoothly. Isn’t that amazing? We bet it is! Not only this, but this brushless alternator generator possesses 12 leads and has uniquely desirable features for increased convenience, such as class H insulation and drip-proof protection. The best part is that it’s also UL1446 listed! What else do you need?


In conclusion, the 60 kW genset by Perkins is the exact generator that you’re looking for, and if you have decided to wait no further and purchase this Perkins beauty, feel free to give Gen Power USA a call at 1-888-819-5646! Why choose General Power? It’s because of their same-day shipping, international warranty, and 24/7 services that will make you want to invest as soon as possible! So, why hesitate to buy it? Buy yours now!

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