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Where to Place Laxmi Murti at Home on This Diwali?

Hinduism has a pantheon of deities, each of whom is worshipped for a particular quality. Goddess Lakshmi stands out among them as a representation of prosperity, fortune, youth, and beauty. She is revered by innumerable people and fills countless homes with her captivating divine presence. But have you ever thought where a Laxmi Murti would be suitable to be placed in your house?

What is Lakshmi Charan Paduka?

Lakshmi Charan Paduka, a sacred symbol representing the feet of Devi Lakshmi, is believed to usher in prosperity when placed in your puja room, office, home, or business premises. It’s considered a gesture of welcoming wealth into your life.

How to Decorate the Room where Goddess Murti is Placed?

Goddess Lakshmi worship is a holistic practice that involves more than just putting up an idol. Keep the room tidy to please her divine presence and to draw wealth. Additionally: 

  • Add colourful fake flowers and brilliant lights to the space.
  • Place diyas next to the idol to illuminate your space during the daily aarti.
  • When performing pujas, create elaborate rangoli patterns to improve the atmosphere.
  • Place silver Lakshmi and Ganesha statues next to each other for an extra dose of luck.
  • Pray for Tulsi because it is thought to satisfy Devi Lakshmi.

Guiding Lakshmi’s Gaze: The Right Direction

According to Vastu Shastra, the Lakshmi statue or picture should always be placed in the north or northeast corner of the room. A lovely Rangoli pattern should be placed next to the goddess in conjunction with this location. With sincere devotion, offer morning and evening prayers for happiness, fortune, and tranquillity.

Significance of North and Northeast Placement:

The Laxmi Murti should be placed in the north or northeast corner for a number of spiritual and Vastu reasons:

  1. Alignment with Cosmic Forces: Positive vibrations are thought to originate in the north and northeast directions, which are connected to cosmic energy. The goddess can use these energies to the advantage of your house by being placed in this location.
  2. Arrival of Prosperity: Vastu considers the north to be Kuber’s (the god of wealth) direction, making it a lucky place to invoke Lakshmi (the goddess of prosperity). Her placement here is thought to draw prosperity and abundance in the financial realm.
  3. Favourable Energy Flow: Setting up the idol in the northeast corner will guarantee a smooth energy flow throughout your home. It encourages harmony and calm, fostering an environment that is favourable for spiritual activities and meditation.

Common Pitfalls for North and Northeast Placement

While the north and northeast corners are strongly advised, certain rules must be followed:

  1. Single Placement: Vastu guidelines advise against putting more than one Lakshmi idol in the same spot. To bring wealth, one Murti should be sufficient.
  2. Rangoli Pattern: It is usual to make a lovely Rangoli design adjacent to the Lakshmi statue or image in order to increase the space’s sanctity. This style of art enhances the holy force while also adding aesthetic appeal.
  3. Sincerity and devotion: Last but not least, it’s important to approach Lakshmi worship with devotion and honesty. Daily rituals and sincere prayers made in her honour serve to deepen the bond and increase the beneficial effects of her presence.

Material Matters: Choosing the Right Metal

Brass statues are a preferred material among those used to create deity idols. They improve and purify your living space in addition to bringing love, happiness, and wealth into the world. Brass idols’ peaceful and soothing aura helps people feel better both mentally and physically.

Tips for a Wise Laxmi Ganesh Murti Purchase for Diwali

Keep the following advice in mind when you set out to buy a Ganesh Laxmi Murti online for your home:

  • To choose the best brass idol from the available possibilities, focus your search criteria.
  • Make sure the idol is made entirely of superior brass without the use of any other materials.
  • Pay special attention to even the smallest things, such as where the Ganesha truck should be placed—it should be on the left side.


Choosing a Laxmi Murti for your home is a very important and highly personal choice. It ought to be in harmony with your principles and convictions and foster a strong spiritual bond. By taking into consideration the elements listed above, you can firmly enlist Goddess Lakshmi’s heavenly blessings in your house, creating a refuge of richness and success for your own spiritual journey.

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