7 Best Steam Workshop Blueprints In Planet Zoo

7 Best Steam Workshop Blueprints In Planet Zoo

Players who wish to try out new blueprints in Planet Zoo may check out these Steam Workshop mods.

Although Planet Zoo contains over 150 lovely animal species, planning and building stunning and immersive zoos is one of the game’s highlights. The sky is the limit for prospective zoo managers with hundreds or even thousands of architectural assets and nature accessories. Fortunately, with the Steam Workshop, players may also post their creations, no matter how large or tiny.

Other people from across the world can then free download these blueprints and use them in their own creations. The community has created many fantastic plans over the years, ranging from little handmade objects and natural sceneries to habitats and even full zoos. The sole exception is that if an item in the blueprint is from a certain DLC pack, the player must own that DLC in order to place the blueprint in their zoo.

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