A simple guide to the medical weight loss program – How to find a good GP clinic in Singapore?

A simple guide to the medical weight loss program – How to find a good GP clinic in Singapore?

Medical weight loss

Medical weight loss is a scientific procedure where you get support from a professional and qualified doctor. After diagnosing your health, the doctor will prescribe you certain medications in the form of pills or injection that will help you to lose excessive weight. The medication should be taken as prescribed with a healthy diet and effective exercise.

So, if you have gained weight over time or aren’t getting any positive results even after spending long hours at the gym, visit your nearest slimming clinic for a session. 

Weight loss medication: Are they safe?

The prescribed weight loss medications are completely safe and several patients all around the country are enjoying the benefits. The prescribed medication and injection will work fine if you can combine it with proper diet and regular exercise.

Remember, the doctors prescribe a list of medications and injections after diagnosing the patient. 

So, the medication prescribed to one patient may not match the other prescriptions. That is why it is recommended to visit a doctor first rather than trying other medications as it could be fatal for your health.  

Why should you trust a slimming center to lose weight?

The slimming center has extensive knowledge about weight loss, so they can prescribe you the right medication and lifestyle after diagnosing you.

The doctor will study your medical history and lifestyle to ensure that the medication you are providing is completely safe and effective. Besides, if you visit a slimming center, you will always be closer to a certified doctor if any problem arises.

You will find good dieticians, movement coaches, and neuro-linguistic programming coaches at a slimming center.

How to find a good GP in Singapore?

If you are looking for a general practitioner clinic Singapore, you will find multiple options. Singapore is a country where you don’t have to work hard or travel further to find a good family clinic. But many people struggle to find a good GP as they have to wait in the long line. The best general health clinics in Singapore can predict the waiting time according to your appointment number and will tell you the exact time to visit the clinic. This way you will be able to run the other errands while getting checked by your family doctor.

The professional health clinics give a reminder to the patients a day before their appointment to ensure if they are coming for the checkup or not. If the patient won’t be able to make it on the day of the appointment, they can update the queue sheets accordingly. Even if the situation wants or the health condition of the patient fades radically, they can jump the queue.


The general health clinic must provide a wide range of health services according to personal needs. The symptoms may affect people in different ways, so the doctor should be qualified enough to find out the root cause rather than treating each symptom similarly.  

Affordable pricing

Visiting doctors can be very expensive depending on your health condition, where the treatment costs a lot than the others. So, find a health clinic that understands the financial condition of all patients and offer treatments at the lowest price possible.

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