All you wanted to know about cable extruders

All you wanted to know about cable extruders

It ends here if you want to know all about cable extruders to make the best cables. Though many use the terms wires and cables interchangeably, there is a difference between the two. A wire is a single electrical conductor, whereas a cable has many wires or multiple conductors. And optical cable machines making optical fiber cables have been in high demand for the past forty years after replacing copper wires. Cable extrusion lines are critical for making many other cables, and you need to buy them from an experienced manufacturer. And failing to do so will result in inferior cable production that may lead to loss of business and many other issues. 


So, check out all about cable extruders to make high-quality optical fiber and other cables at competitive costs to develop your business to new heights. 


What is a cable extruder?


Wire and cable companies worldwide require extrusion lines to make superior-quality products to last long and safely. The heat extrusion process of PVC, polyethylene, etc., is essential for insulating the wire core to protect the cables. And it is here that the best cable extruder plays a pivotal role in manufacturing wires and cables using the heat extrusion process. The entire machine has a main extruding machine, pay-off frame, cooling water tank, printer, blow dry, take up, temperature control electrical operation cabinet, arrangement machine, and others. The plastic materials under the heat extrusion process deform because of the force and come out as wires and cables through a cross-section-defined opening. 


What does a cable extruder do?


An extrusion is a molding or manufacturing process forcing raw materials like metal, polyethylene, PVC, or others to create wires and cables of specific shapes and profiles. Cable extruders exactly do it with the following step-by-step procedure.


  1. Step one is placing the raw material into the extrusion press
  2. Step two is pressing using compressive force by a piston to push the raw material to the die
  3. Step three is the flowing of the raw material through the die to come out as finished products from a small opening of the essential cross-section
  4. Step four is getting the wire or cable with the desired shape, and size for specific uses


The above facts will help you to know all about the cable extruders to buy them from an experienced optical cable machine manufacturer like Supermac, which is going global at a rapid pace to export machines to many countries.

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