Blockchain App Development in Healthcare

Blockchain App Development in Healthcare

Healthcare providers and industry stakeholders are keen on replacing current data storage and management systems for one reason – privacy. The medical data of a patient contains highly sensitive information that can lead to disastrous consequences in the wrong hands.

Blockchain technology is one of the best options available today. It can be used to create a transparent network to store and share medical records securely. This technology has a likely future in many sectors where data privacy is a high priority, healthcare being an essential one among them.

The blockchain app market (in the context of healthcare) is at USD 2.37 billion. It is expected to cross USD 215 Billion by 2036. Such rapid growth has been triggered by several instances of healthcare data breaches, particularly in the last five years.

There is also a pressing need to transfer non-digital business operations into completely digital systems, along with protecting private information. This includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as addresses and social security numbers. 

How Blockchain App Development Is Ensuring Data Safety

The use cases and applications mentioned below show how a blockchain app development company can help you improve data security by leaps and bounds.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Healthcare professionals have faced several issues accessing and sharing electronic health records in the past. These led to potential privacy breaches they unknowingly exposed the data to as well.

Thankfully, they havElectronic Health Records (EHR)e turned things around in EHR management with blockchain technology. Maintaining patient data security while making it easily accessible to authorized personnel is possible through decentralized and encrypted ledgers. The days of fumbling through paper records are now replaced with a streamlined, secure, and efficient digital system.

The HealthChain App is a great example of blockchain in EHR management. It gives patients access and control over their records, making sure their information stays private. The app is designed to facilitate effortless sharing with healthcare providers they trust. 

HealthChain has also decreased the time it used to take on administrative tasks to a great extent. It enables healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.

Improved Interoperability and Access

Blockchain’s processes improve the accessibility of patient data. This means healthcare professionals from separate departments can communicate and share files with each other over different platforms. It is how this technology can boost interoperability between various organizations and systems without compromising data security and privacy.

Patients can keep tabs on their health with secure, instant access to their records. Monitoring health outcomes is also easier with blockchain implemented in healthcare app development.

Supply Chain Management

Patient safety is on the line when drug administration is involved. Even the wrong dose can be a serious threat, let alone duplicate medicine. This is where blockchain’s transparent and immutable ledger has emerged as an impressive solution in supply chain management. It records each transaction regardless of its source (pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies), thus guaranteeing the authenticity of medicines.

Consider the MediSecure app as an example – it is a blockchain app that allows real-time tracking of medicines throughout the production and distribution steps. Its underlying technologies have changed the supply chain process to a large extent by reducing the loopholes where counterfeit drugs could be introduced into the system.

Apps like this have increased trust among patients by ensuring that the medications they receive are genuine. This is also leaving a positive impact on healthcare safety standards.

Billing and Claims Processing

Healthcare billing and claims processing is a complex web, often affected by inefficiencies and fraud. Blockchain experts have created apps like MediClear Finance, implementing a transparent and incorruptible system for financial transactions.

It has automated billing and claims processes to minimize errors and speed up payments. The financial workflows are streamlined and transparent as a result. The financial burden on patients is also reduced since this technology has been applied to eliminate billing discrepancies.

Summing Up

Protecting patients’ private information is crucial for healthcare providers and organizations. They are utilizing Blockchain-powered applications to get through various hurdles posed by internal vulnerabilities and external threats. It is a good idea to consult with an experienced blockchain app development company to know how you can implement this rapidly evolving technology.

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