Choosing the Right Type of Sedation for Your Dental Procedure

Choosing the Right Type of Sedation for Your Dental Procedure

If you are a nervous dental patient, sedation dentistry can help ease your fears and put you in a relaxed state of mind before, during, and after any dental procedure. In addition to routine procedures, such as cleanings and exams, sedation dentistry is also used for cosmetic treatments, such as professional teeth whitening or veneers.

Choosing the right type of sedation dentistry Jackson TN is important to ensure the best results for you. Your dentist will work with you to determine the ideal method of sedation for you. This will be based on your specific needs, and it may include the use of nitrous oxide, oral, or IV sedation.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

The most common sedation method for treating mild to moderate anxiety is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. It is safe, does not irritate the nose or mouth, and wears off quickly. Often, sedation dentistry is recommended for patients who are very anxious about visiting the dentist, have a low pain threshold, or have a sensitive gag reflex.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is the most common method of sedation and usually includes medication that you take orally, which will be prescribed by your doctor. It is highly effective and can be administered in the form of a pill, a liquid, or by injection into the vein. The amount of sedation you receive depends on your pain threshold and the duration and complexity of the procedure.

Deep Sedation

Deep sedation involves the administration of a sedative through an IV, which is often combined with additional pharmacological agents, such as pain medicine and anti-inflammatories. This can be highly effective for certain procedures, such as dental implant surgery.

Your dentist can adjust the level of sedation that is administered through your IV to keep you calm and in a deep, relaxed state. Some patients who choose IV sedation can experience a sense of floating, while others drift off to sleep entirely.

A trusted friend or family member should accompany you to your appointment and drive you home afterwards. It is also recommended that you do not consume alcohol or use rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft until the sedative has worn off completely.

Nausea or vomiting: Medications used for sedation dentistry Jackson TN can cause some nausea or vomiting, but this is easily controlled by over-the-counter medication. Allergic reactions: The medications can also cause allergic reactions, but these are rare and are easy to manage.

Whether you choose nitrous oxide, oral sedation or IV sedation, your dentist will monitor your blood pressure and breathing to ensure that you remain comfortable during the procedure. You should never drink alcoholic beverages or smoke while under sedation, and your dentist will be happy to provide you with additional instructions for recovery from the procedure.

Avoiding dental visits because of fear and anxiety can lead to a host of complications, including pain, gum disease, and tooth loss. In many cases, sedation dentistry can prevent these problems and keep you from missing essential checkups.

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