People hearing about custom dry transfers for the first time might think they’re too good to be true. But the good news is that they are helpful for everything from art gallery labels to lettering and logos on product prototypes. What’s notable is your ability to design anything in any color and have decals produced that are a precise match. It gives you creative freedom (and control) when you need to pull off a specific look for a commercial or artistic purpose. The cost to produce them is budget-friendly and trending for use in many applications; their look is always of the highest quality.

Lettering and logos are the most frequently requested custom dry transfers, but you can design and produce anything. Stripes, color blocks, and any custom details are doable if you need them. The decals adhere tightly and with a look of permanence. They are removable if you need to make a change, but until then, they appear permanent. Because they go on dry, there’s no damage to the application surface of the area around it. You’ll appreciate the ease of application that’s as easy as rubbing the decal on in the desired spot. You don’t need water or glue, and there’s no waiting for anything to dry or set.


The industrial design community was early to embrace dry transfer decals. There were many early uses, but details and letting on prototypes come to mind first. Prototypes need a perfect appearance to match the final manufactured products; custom dry transfers create it. In any application where precision matters, you can count on rub-on transfers. They’re superior to other options, budget-friendly, and easy to use. People with no experience using them have it easy from the first time. The transparent application slicks on which they arrive also make positioning them quick.

Like artwork captions and museum wall text, indoor signs work brilliantly with rub-on transfers. You can go as large as medium size and produce clear, readable signs. If you’re outfitting an office or retail store, they have a consistent look, and you design them on your system. You can send digital files to a production house for the decals. For companies with exacting visual standards, remaining in control and leading the creative process is essential. Ceding control to an outside sign company can cause creative challenges that are easily avoided. The rub-on transfers will look great.

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