There are so many alluring places around the world! A lifetime isn’t enough to explore them all! One of the most fascinating things about travelling is discovering- why some places are the way they are today. So put on your travelling shoes! Get set to explore the intriguing wonders of the globe.

What makes a place interesting?

When a destination has or brings in any value, which is of any benefit to a person- tangible or intangible; that place becomes interesting. When a place challenge one physically or mentally and is adventurous; they find that place interesting.

Different globe-trotters look forward to different experiences. A couple may find touristy places like the Maldives amusing- on Maldives honeymoon packages. The overall experience of the trip makes that place interesting to them.

What are the different kinds of features travellers generally expect?

The earth is an enormous place. Each person seeks different experiences. Not all places will be equally interesting for everyone. Each person travels for a specific purpose.

The expectations of tourists when they visit a specific place are linked to various aspects of the destination, such as its ethnicity, culture, environmental factors, historical significance, architectural design, culinary traditions, available infrastructure, natural scenery, local events, shopping opportunities, recreational activities, and on occasion, business opportunities.

What are the features that a tourist place should ideally have?

Accommodation, Accessibility, Activities, Amenities, and Attractions are the general features. But, as we have already discussed, some places with all these features may not appeal to some. This is simply because of the fact that it’s not challenging enough.

For example, a group of friends may book Antalya holiday packages for its marvellous beaches and historical ruins.

There are many curious and unique places on the globe. It’s good to have an idea of these places. After that, you can visit these places, according to your preferences.

Some of these places which will surprise us with strange phenomena are:

  • You’ll be surprised to know that Nubia, a region in Sudan, has 255 pyramids! Nubian pharaohs fled Egypt. They brought the pyramid culture with them to Nubia.
  • Cano Cristales in Colombia- the “River of Five Colours” shines brighter than any rainbow in the sky. The best time to visit is between May to November when the river weeds- Macarenia clavigera blossoms in yellow, blue, green, and red.
  • Did you know that 6,000 years ago, the Sahara desert was a lush rainforest with thick vegetation and high rainfall? Moreover, it snowed in 1979 and again in 2018 in this dry land!!!..
  • Macchu Pichu is earthquake-proof due to a brilliant engineering technique called ashlar masonry. The ancient Inca town rests on top of two fault lines in Peru, is still existing.
  • Would you not love to hear the Golden Gate Bridge of San Fransisco speaking? Hear it for yourself to believe it!
  • Have you ever imagined snowy mountains and sunny beaches on the same island? This happens in Hawaii. Isn’t it interesting that Hawaii only has two seasons — Summer and Winter! But it actually has eight climates!
  • Uluru is the bulkiest single rock formation (monolith) in the world. But, there’s a rock in Australia- Mount Augustus is 2.5 times bigger than Ayer’s rock-Uluru.
  • Do you know that there’s another city (other than Venice) with only footpaths and canals? It’s a picturesque village in the Netherlands named Giethoorn.
  • An abandoned US Navy plane ended up on Sólheimasandur beach in 1973 in Iceland Vic. See it for yourself and be mystified!
  • Be awed by the white-washed houses in Santorini, Greece. Head to the old Oia castle to view the beautiful colours of the setting sun.
  • Spain, Barcelona: Basilica de la Sagrada Familia is Gaudi Catalan’s last masterpiece. It is expected to complete in 2026. Watch it being constructed.
  • Izagu Falls is one of the few waterfalls worldwide that borders two countries- Brazil & Argentina! Argentina has a better view, it seems!
  • In 1986, there was an explosion at the power plant located in Pripyat, Ukraine, which is commonly referred to as the Chernobyl power plant. Residents were evacuated on short notice. It has been desolate for decades. Experience the eerie ghost town vibe in Pripyat!
  • Uyuni salt pan is the largest salt flat in the world. It is interesting to note that when it rains- the salt pan becomes the world’s most exclusive mirror! Click quirky, perspective, and Insta-worthy shots there.
  • In Western Australia, Yallabatharra Hutt Lagoon’s Pink Lake is one of the most colourful lakes. It changes its colour based on the season and the time of day. It’s sometimes orange, hot pink, or lilac!
  • Angkor Wat was created back in the 12th century. It is the world’s largest religious monument. It spans over 400 acres. Want to explore this from the movie Lora Croft: Tomb Raider?
  • Be awed by the floating monasteries in Greece Meteora! The floating monasteries in Greece were built by monks in the 14th–16th century. They used only very basic tools and their bare hands. They even climbed the rocks without any machinery!
  • Varanasi (formerly named Kashi) is one the oldest existing cities in the world. Did you know that the Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple or the Leaning Temple of Varanasi in India tilts at 9 degrees? This stunning temple is most photographed (in Varanasi)!
  • In the Italian town of Alberobello, Trulli houses were built with cone-shaped roofs to avoid paying taxes. We’re sure you would love to see them at least once!
  • How about taking flights to Atlanta to unleash your creativity at ‘The Krog Street Tunnel; or to find some miniature doors.
  • Ever imagined an airport that looks like a forest right out of Avatar- the movie! Marvel at Singapore’s airport Jewel Changi for as long as you want!

How can you reach these places?

Take flights to the nearest place which has accessibility to flights. For example, if you desire to reach Alberobello, take flights to Bari or Brindisi airports. Then take a train or car from there to Alberobello.

Be sure to book flights from genuine and experienced travel agents such as White Magic Travels. You may receive all the tips and tricks necessary for enjoying a pleasurable trip.

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