How do I Save an Outlook PST File on a Mac Outlook?

Did you recently shift to Mac from Windows and configured Outlook in the same? Moved with lots of PSTs that you unable to organize on Mac and so thinking about restoring them in Mac Outlook? But wondering how do I save an Outlook PST file on a Mac Outlook without data loss? Not to worry, just read the article and you will come across a technique that will precisely save an Outlook PST file on a Mac Outlook with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Outlook is a widely used email application that acts as a personal information manager for users using both Mac & Windows. Many business professionals are aware of the email client because it eases their digital communication which they need to carry out in their day-to-day tasks.

Initially, the email program launched for a Windows platform but after it became popular, it has been introduced for Mac. Therefore, whenever Windows users moved to Mac OS, they configure Microsoft Outlook in the same because they are familiar with its functioning, features, and interface.

Why Saving an Outlook PST File on a Mac Outlook is Difficult?

Windows Outlook and Mac Outlook are similar to some extent which confuses a lot of users when they move to Mac from Windows. Because, they perform the migration to Mac operating system by keeping the perspective that they can access Windows Outlook PST files in the same anytime. But this is not true. Despite the email clients of the same source, many users forget that they run on different operating systems.

Mac and Windows are programmed differently and the applications built on them are designed with different coding. Thus, no matter if Windows and Mac have same applications but when it comes to file formats, they act differently.

In this case as well, Windows Outlook is known for storing users’ database in PST, whereas Mac Outlook creates OLM format. The way of storing the data of users in both the file formats are similar.

That is why lot of users face challenges when they try to access PST files in Mac Outlook. Although, some Outlook for Mac versions provides the option to import PST files in the same but it is suitable only when they are limited in a number. However, if they are in large quantity, then it will be wise to convert them into OLM format.

How do I Save an Outlook PST File on a Mac Outlook? – Quick Solution

The simplified and powerful way to save Outlook PST file on a Mac Outlook is MacMister PST to OLM Converter. It is an incomparable approach which is programmed with a friendly interface that is accessible by anyone effortlessly. The operational steps of the tool are less in number that will take minimum time and efforts of users to save Outlook PST file on Mac Outlook by converting unlimited PST files to OLM file on Mac at once.

Moreover, users will find many countless beneficial features that are helpful in obtaining the desired results with ease. And, in order to check the same, users can download the free demo version of the software to experience the process for free.

Working Steps to Save an Outlook PST File on a Mac Outlook

Step 1. Download and run MacMister PST to OLM Converter on Mac OS.

Step 2. Use the options i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons to add few PST files or a folder containing unlimited PST files on the application pane for necessary conversion. Click Next.

add pst files

Step 3. The software has successfully list PST files with checkboxes on the panel. By default all will be selected. You can deselect them and select them accordingly for selective conversion of PST files. Click Next.

selective pst conversion

Step 4. Click Select Saving Options and select OLM format from the menu.

saving options

Step 5. Now, set the options of OLM file format according to the requirements and click on Export button.


Step 6. The conversion takes place and the application shows Live Conversion Report that displays the ongoing saving progress of PST files.

live conversion

The process ends with a notification “Conversion Completed” that confirms that PST file to OLM conversion successfully completed. Click OK and then move to Outlook for Mac email client to access PST files.

Step-by-Step Guide to Restore OLM File in Mac Outlook

Step 1. Run Microsoft Outlook on Mac.

Step 2. Click Tools and select Import option.

Step 3. Select Import Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) file.

Step 4. Hit Continue.

Step 5. Navigate to location of resultant OLM files. Select the same by clicking on them. Click Import.

The import procedure quickly finishes and then Outlook for Mac email account screen appears. Go to left navigation pane and under On My Computer, new OLM file will display. However, you will find no data alteration in email content, contact details, calendar events, and other items. The folder structure also remains preserved throughout the process.


In the article, we have provided an outstanding solution to save an Outlook PST file on Mac Outlook. Mac PST Converter by MacMister is a reliable and secure application that smoothly converts unlimited PST files to OLM and deliver instant results with 100% accuracy. To check the same, you can download the free demo version and test the conversion steps for free. You can also save first 25 files from each PST file item to OLM file free of cost.

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