How to Open MBOX File Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird Account?

you receive MBOX files of Mozilla Thunderbird email client on your system? But you do not have Thunderbird account and thus wondering how to open MBOX file Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird safely? Looking for a simplified way to implement the necessary task? Not to worry, simply read the segment and you will encounter a technique that will help you to successfully open MBOX file Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird. But first, let’s get clear about the reasons responsible followed by the solution.

Why it is difficult to open MBOX file Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird?

Mozilla Thunderbird is a desktop-supported email client application for handling digital communication in a large amount. It is very much popular among Mac and Windows users.

Thunderbird is a free open-source and a cross-platform application that act as a personal information manager because it helps you to filter and organize the account you desire. Even, it has the ability to handle all your multiple accounts separately or in a unified Inbox. This actually makes your life simpler and manageable. 

But Mozilla Thunderbird is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are some businesses and individuals who do not utilize any email client on their system. So whenever they discover any Thunderbird-supported MBOX files, they run into trouble.

MBOX is a popular supported file format of several email applications, Thunderbird is one of them. It is a file type that is known for storing the list of users email messages in ASCII-text and attachments in encoded form. However, whenever users receive MBOX files on their system they get worried. Although it is viewable using any text-editor but that would of no use. Because, the text-editor failed to show the entire content correctly. That is why; people face many difficulties when they encounter MBOX files on their system and not its supported email platform. Thereby, they start to look for a solution that could help them to open MBOX file Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird account.

However, most of the users prefer PDF format whenever they see incompatible file formats on their system. Because, it is secure, reliable, and platform-independent. It does not require any additional software to view its content.

How to Open MBOX File Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird Account?

The simplest method to open MBOX file Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird account is MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter Mac Tool. The application has a friendly interface so that professional and non-professional users can operate it independently and perform the process effortlessly. Even, the software operational steps are also less which will save users time and efforts, help them to finish the entire process in minimum time.

Moreover, the application has plentiful features which users can apply as per their requirements to get the desired results. However, you may download the trial edition of the software to understand the process entirely for free.

Working Steps to Open MBOX File Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird

Step 1. Download and run MacMister MBOX to PDF Converter for Mac on your Mac platform.

launch software

Step 2. Add MBOX files on a software by utilizing Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons. The Add File(s) button allows you to add few MBOX files on the tool whereas Add Folder enables users to add a folder entirely containing unlimited MBOX files on the tool. Click Next to proceed.

add MBOX files

Step 3. The software will quickly start showing the list of chosen MBOX files on the application pane with checkboxes. By default, all checkboxes will be selected but you can deselect them and select them again according to your requirements for selective conversion, if necessary. Click Next to proceed.

selective MBOX files

Step 4. Now, you may set the options as per your requirements such as Save PDF file, Black & White Colour, Convert Attachments to PDF, Embed Attachments to PDF, Save Attachments to Separate Folder, File Naming Options, and Set Destination Path. Click Next.

pdf options

Step 5. You can apply Filters as per your preference to save specified emails and to implement email duplication, if needed. Last, hit Export button to start the process.

apply filters

Step 6. A Live Conversion Report will appear showing the ongoing conversion status of MBOX files.

conversion progress

In few seconds, the process will end and you will receive “Conversion Completed” pop-up confirming that the conversion is successfully completed. Tap OK button and go to the location of resultant PDF files. You can open the required PDF file to verify the results. However, you will see that the content is completely accurate. The layout and formatting properties are also preserved.


The blog has offered an extraordinary solution to fix “how to open MBOX file Thunderbird on Mac without Thunderbird?” MacMister MBOX to PDF Mac application is a tested tool which ensures the safety of users’ database, helping them to obtain the desired results in minimal time. Anyone can handle the software and perform the process in a way they want. Download the trial edition and test the conversion for free. It also allows you to open first 25 MBOX email and attachments as PDF free of cost.

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