Are you switching over Mac Mail email client from Outlook for Mac? But worried about the files you have created from Outlook as you will not able to access them in Mac Mail? Wondering how to import Outlook for Mac archive.olm file to MBOX with emails and attachments accurately? Looking for a powerful and advanced technique to implement the required task? Not to worry, just read out the segment in which you will come across a solution that will resolve the problem and help you to convert OLM to MBOX to access Outlook for Mac archive.olm file in Mac Mail.

Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail are two commonly used email client applications of Mac OS. Many Mac individuals keep moving from one email platform to another in search of simplified interface and powerful features. In-between this, they forget that every email client is different and they have a different file storage format. So, after moving to Apple Mail from Outlook for Mac, they realize that they cannot directly access files of old email client into new email platform.  

Why Importing Outlook for Mac Archive.olm File to MBOX is a Difficult Process?

Outlook for Mac act as a Personal Information Manager for Mac users. It helps in managing user’s email messages, calendar events, contacts, and other items in an appropriate way. Undoubtedly, Outlook is a wonderful email client but sometimes unavoidable circumstances can pressurize users to switch over to a different email application. The reason could be change in employment, change of email platform within organization, or upgrading to new Mac OS version.

Apple Mail is a default email program of Mac OS which is introduced by Mac itself for sending/receiving emails globally. One can easily configure it on the system and right away use to manage day-to-day emails. The email client is easy-to-install and use.

However, changing email platform is not difficult, but trying to access the files of old email application into new email client is problematic.

Here, Outlook for Mac default file format is OLM and Apple Mail uses MBOX format. Both are different and users will find difficulty whenever they access OLM in Apple Mail or vice versa without conversion.

How to Import Outlook for Mac Archive.olm File to MBOX?

The easiest technique to import Outlook for Mac archive.olm file to MBOX is MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter. The software is simple, remarkable, and highly effective. Anyone can use it and implement the process independently. Even, its operational steps are limited which will save all your time and energy and help you to convert unlimited OLM files into MBOX in a short time.

Moreover, the software has many features which are useful in gaining the desirable results in a short time. However, the free demo of the application is also available that allows to experience the process for free.

Working Steps to Import Outlook for Mac Archive.olm File to MBOX

Step 1. Download and run OLM to MBOX Converter on a Mac system.


Step 2. Use Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons to add required OLM files folder on the application for conversion. The Add File(s) button will allow you to add few essential OLM files on the tool for conversion whereas Add Folder enable users to upload the folder entirely containing multiple OLM files on the application for batch conversion. Click Next.


Step 3. Now, the files will start listing on the application pane with checkboxes one-by-one. However, the checkboxes are selected but you can deselect them and select them again if you want to import selected OLM files to MBOX. Then, click Next.


Step 4. Click on the Select Saving Options and choose MBOX file format.


Step 5. Set the options of MBOX according to your requirements and start the process by clicking Export button.

Step 6. The process will immediately start and shows Live Conversion Report that displays the current conversion status of OLM files.


The whole procedure will take few seconds to finish the conversion and then “Conversion Completed” pop-up appears that confirms that the process successfully completed. Click OK and open Apple Mail email account to import converted MBOX files.

Working Guide to Import Converted MBOX Files in Mac Mail

Step 1. Open Apple Mail. Go to File. Choose Import Mailboxes…

Step 2. Select Files in MBOX Format and press Continue button.

Step 3. Go to resultant MBOX files location, select them and click Choose.

Step 4. The import will start and within seconds it will finish and show Done button which you need to click to close the Import screen.

Now, on the main Apple Mail account window, go to left navigation pane and under On My Mac, double-click new Import folder. This will show the INBOX folder with the total count of email messages which are converted. By clicking on it, all the emails will list on your Apple Mail email account screen. You can click on the required email message to check the result. However, there will be no change in the content and every email message will appear with correct formatting properties.


In the write-up, we have tried to provide the safest and reliable solution to import Outlook for Mac archive.olm file to MBOX on Mac. MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a proficient solution that guarantees instant and secure conversion of OLM files with accurate results. Any user can handle the process and implement the conversion with ease. Download its trial edition and check the conversion steps of the tool. It also allows to convert first 25 OLM emails and attachments to MBOX free of cost.

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