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How to Use Hashtags to Grow Your Small Business on Instagram?

Owning a small business is not a big thing now. Everyone lives in the digital world, and everybody knows the power of social media. Nearly every social media channel supports every brand and business to achieve their success. However, Instagram has become one of the popular platforms to grow your small business. 

Also, can you believe hashtags have this incredible power to boost your small business? Yes! Hashtags can help your small business to reach more audiences on Instagram. Moreover, using the ProHashtag tool, you can customize the hashtags for your small business. In this article, you will learn the best ways to grow your small business using Instagram hashtags. Let’s crush things down!

The Power of Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role and act as the search engine of the Instagram app. Just by clicking a hashtag in an Instagram post, you can access a collection of photos and videos related to that particular hashtag. 

If you want your post to reach more people, you must have a public account on Instagram. Generally, you can include 30 hashtags in your regular post and ten hashtags in your Instagram Story. While you need to use all 30 hashtags, including 10-15 hashtags in your post is enough to gain more engagement on Instagram. 

Although it is necessary to maintain a balance and prevent using many hashtags in your posts. Why? Because overusing hashtags will make your post look extra stuffed. This may need to make your post as spammed content. To make your post look more professional and aesthetic, you can include hashtags in the first comment of your post. 

Types Of Hashtags For Small Businesses

There are several types of hashtags available, and you can even use the instagram hashtag generator to get your desired hashtags. Here are the three major types of hashtags you can leverage for your small business marketing campaigns.

#1 Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are everyday hashtags that can be classified based on different aspects. You can use this type of hashtag to describe small business products or services. Also, you can mention your niche, locations, daily themes, communities, and even acronyms. 

Hashtags like #coffeeshop, #madeinlondon, #houseofveggies, #thursdaytrip, and #grwm (get ready with me) are the practical examples of this community hashtags. Use these kinds of community hashtags and attract more local audiences. 

#2 Campaign Hashtags

Campaign hashtags can be used only for specific product launches or sponsorships. You can also use brand hashtags for short-term campaigns on Instagram. Additionally, you can leverage the best instagram hashtag generator to create hashtags for your campaign efficiently. 

If you are hosting a particular event featuring your small business products or services, you can use campaign hashtags. For instance, Adidas, the famous sportswear brand, has created a hashtag campaign called “#HereToCreate.” They featured popular personalities to share their own inspirational stories. Eventually, many common people participated and shared their inspiring stories.

#3 Brand Hashtags

Brand hashtags are the hashtags you can particularly use only for your business. These hashtags can be your small business name, a modulation of it, or anything in relation to your small business. You can include these brand hashtags in every single Instagram post. Also, encourage your followers to add your brand hashtag in their posts as well. 

The most suitable example for this brand hashtag would be the beverage brand Red Bull. They made a brand hashtag called “#PutACanOnIt,” Many Instagrammers used this hashtag by posting photos of “put a can on” bikes, planes, trucks, etc.

5 Effective Tips to Use Hashtags on Instagram

After knowing the power and types of hashtags, aren’t you eager to learn the tips to use hashtags for your small business? Here are the tips to grow your small business. 

  • Do Research – Examine the hashtags your competitor (in your niche) frequently uses and employ them. Also, track details from Instagram’s built-in feature Insights and incorporate them.
  • Employ Hashtag Tool – By taking advantage of the free Instagram Hashtag Generator tool, you can discover trending hashtags. Also, use them on your Instagram posts. 
  • Save & Sort Hashtags – Always keep a list of small business hashtags ready to post them anytime. Try to maintain them in notes or a spreadsheet and save time.
  • Promote User-Generated Content (UGC) – Create a brand hashtag and encourage your audiences to use and share it on Instagram. You can also repost the UGC and expand your reach accordingly. 
  • Combine Popular And Niche Hashtags – Using the combination of popular and niche hashtags on Instagram can help you reach a wide range of audiences. Ensure those hashtags are relevant to your small business.       

Final Thoughts

Now you understand more about the hashtags on Instagram and how you can make use of them as an aspiring small business owner. Be confident and use these hashtags in all your Instagram post captions. Pay attention to the difference these hashtags can make. So, what’s stopping you from? Start using relevant hashtags and grow your small business on Instagram.

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