Are you searching for generators for sale but can’t find the right one for you? Don’t worry because we have already shortlisted two highly innovative gensets for you to choose from! You no longer have to stress over finding the most suitable generator, as these two generators will make you want to grab yours right now without any further delay. Not only are these packages highly affordable, but they are the exact ones you’re searching the internet for! So, allow us to provide you with a comparative analysis of the 500 kW commercial generator,  John Deere generators and the SDMO 500 kW generator. Let’s begin!

An introduction to the 500 kW generator by John Deere:

Brace yourselves to hear about this amazing 500 kW genset by John Deere because you won’t get a better power generator than this masterpiece! Let’s look at the unique features of this John Deere generator. To begin with, this diesel-powered generator has a Leroy Somer brushless alternator that is fully manufactured in Europe and contains twelve leads. Not only this, but it also consists of thermo-magnetic switch protection 

 and has a skewed rotor. Did we mention the class H insulation? The alternator has that too! Isn’t that super cool? Additionally, the engine is fully turbocharged and has an industrial-grade cooling system. Moreover, the advanced Deep Sea controller has a dual-core main processor that comes with a microprocessor as well. Its super-silent and corrosion-proof enclosure is just the one you would need. Not to mention the two-year international warranty!

Is the SDMO 500 kW genset better than the 500 kW genset? 

Surely, the 500 kW genset is a great catch, but did you get to look at how cool the SDMO 500 kW generator is? Let’s brief you! This SDMO generator has a super-silent yet weatherproof enclosure with a two-year international warranty. Want to know more? Sure thing! This 500 kW beauty has a DOOSAN turbocharged engine that is liquid-cooled and is completely manufactured in Europe. Want to know the best part? It has a Kohler brushless alternator with drip-proof protection and class-H insulation. Pretty cool, right? There’s more! The genset has an SDMO day tank with a daily autonomy of 500 Liters! Quite a package. All in all, it contains three types of filters: air, oil, and fuel. It also has a control panel that operates based on a single microprocessor. How cool! 


In conclusion, both the two generators, which are the 500 kW commercial generator and the SDMO 500 kW genset, are equally innovative and a worthwhile investment to have. In the end, it all depends on which one you would want to opt for. Indeed, it’s a tough choice, but that’s the only difficult part because we have already discovered where you can buy either of these gensets. Gen Power USA is the place you’re looking for! Call them at 1-888-819-5646 and enjoy using your heavyweight genset as soon as possible!

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