JPG to DST Conversion – A Brief Guide!

JPG to DST Conversion – A Brief Guide!

In our daily life, we come across different pictures and the purpose can vary depending on the needs. The pictures are available on mobile, desktop, laptop, and various other digital devices. When we talk about embroidery, it is one of the works that require a specific format for converting the image into an embroidery file. Some of the common image formats are JPG, PNG, JPEG, and much more. Moreover, in terms of embroidery digitizing, you need a particular format like DST, EMB, PES, and many more.

Not aware how the conversion is done? In the following blog, we will discuss JPG to DST conversion in detail:

What Is DST Format?

DST file is one of the formats that are readable by various embroidery machines. The introduction of this format was done by Tajima which is one of the leading manufacturers of embroidery machines.

There is no doubt that computerized embroidery machines are very smart and efficient. Many of the operations are completely automated or semi-automated. In contrast to traditional hand embroidery where each stitch has to be crafted with great care. But nowadays, the manual effort has been eliminated.

One of the common questions that might be arising in your mind during the ongoing discussion is how a machine can identify where to put the stitches in a particular pattern of the embroidery design. Because here the manual input is not available. Well, the answer is present in the DST files. These files are basically the instruction for the embroidery machine to do the work and stitch as per the specific pattern. When you are about to hire a company for the embroidery digitizing services, you have to get the file converted to the desired format depending on the machine’s native format under use.

JPG to DST Conversion – How It Happens?

The conversion of files takes place from scratch. The process is not easy and not every person can do it. For professional usage, the files should be prepared by professionals.

The process or technique used is called embroidery punching or embroidery digitizing. In this, we have to import the design inside the embroidery digitizing software in JPG or any other image format. The competent digitizer who plays an important role in the process will set the stitch path and will be defining the different parameters of the software for specific design. That’s how the digitized format of design preparation will occur and the file becomes a digitized version of the JPG image.

One can understand that this process needs specific software to do the work and the expertise of the digitizer to do the right execution.

Options To Consider For Conversion

One thing you should keep in your mind is that, nothing comes for free! The two important costs involved in the JPG to DST conversion or any other conversion is the use of the software. Let’s assume that you may get it for free or download a trial version but the second thing is the expertise. If you don’t have it, then you have to hire someone who can do the task for you.

Another option that you can consider using is the auto-digitizing. It is free but it has its own cons. Many digitizing software has this feature and with this, you don’t need the services of a digitizer. Your image will be converted into the desired format but the final results are not good. You will not get the desired quality and it can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Lastly, the most reliable option that you can consider using for the JPG to DST conversion is to hire a company and get their service. You can do the research before hiring a company and pick the one that is close to your budget and can provide you a quick turnaround time. It is important to check their previous work to be sure about their work quality. In this option, you will be paying a reasonable amount to get your work done. You don’t have to buy a software that costs thousands and a computer to run the software.

Just connect with a good company by doing proper research and you will be able to get the files converted in the best quality work at market-competitive prices.


Hopefully, now you are able to understand the conversion. The software and expertise of the digitizer plays an important role. Moreover, if you cannot do the things on your own, you should connect with a skilled company to get the service.

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