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Knee Transplant Surgery in Punjab – A Treatment Option for Joint Damage

Knee injuries, arthritis, or other degenerative conditions can severely impact mobility if joint damage is extensive. Pain medications, injections, or realignment procedures may provide temporary relief but joint replacement or knee transplant surgery is sometimes necessary to regain function.

In this blog, we explore when knee transplant surgery is required, what the procedure entails, and why Punjab is a preferred destination.

When is Knee Transplant Surgery Needed?

If you experience persistent knee joint pain and instability accompanied by mechanical issues and inflammation, a surgeon may suggest a knee transplant or total joint reconstruction. This procedure is considered for:

– Advanced osteoarthritis with total cartilage breakdown
– Severely distorted joint anatomy making movement difficult
– Fractures, infections, or injuries causing irreparable damage
– Certain conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or avascular necrosis
– Failed previous knee procedures providing little lasting relief

A knee specialist will evaluate if a transplant can restore stability, mobility and reduce chronic knee problems.

Understanding Knee Transplant Surgery

Knee transplant or total joint reconstruction is a major operation involving:

– Removing remaining damaged sections of diseased bone and cartilage
– Harvesting bone and cartilage from a deceased donor (allograft transplant)
– Shaping the transplanted bone and cartilage to recreate joint anatomy
– Securing the donated joint using plates, screws, or rods as needed
– Closing incisions once the new knee joint is stabilized

The procedure aims to replace the entire knee joint to fully restore function in severely damaged knees unlikely to benefit from standard knee replacement.

Recovering Process After Surgery

As a major surgery, recovering after a knee joint transplant involves:

  • Hospitalization for pain control and monitoring for a few days
  • Avoiding full weight-bearing activities for 6-8 weeks
  • Use of assistive ambulation aids like walkers or crutches temporarily
  • Panel of doctors monitoring for infection, graft healing, and other risks
  • Potential for multiple procedures like manipulation for stiffness
  • Committing to intensive exercise protocol

Full joint reconstruction requires extensive recovery for optimal outcomes. Close medical team coordination is vital.

Why Get Knee Transplant Surgery in Punjab?

Some key reasons make facilities across Punjab a preferred destination for knee transplants:

  • Availability of advanced infrastructure including the latest imaging systems
  • Specialized orthopedic surgeons with joint transplant experience
  • Shorter wait times for total knee reconstruction surgery
  • Well-equipped centers aid in faster recovery
  • The panel of other medical experts for coordinated care
  • Competitive pricing compared to other metro cities

By opting to get knee transplant surgery in Punjab, you can benefit from quality medical care at reasonable costs.

If you suffer from severe knee damage causing functionality issues, an orthopedic evaluation can determine if total joint reconstruction is appropriate to ease pain and renew stability. Partnering with trusted health facilities known for excellent clinical care and results makes the process smoother.

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