A gentle approach to this situation.

Not only is the house facade exposed to the elements, but so is the roof. Wind, weather, and rain all put a significant load on the house roof. Algae, moss, and mold settle after a few years due to the increased moisture from rain. Once infected, the unwelcome organic growth spreads like wildfire. A black carpet is made and laid across the entire roof. As a result, the once-red roof has turned gray and darker. In the following phase, clusters of moss develop on the borders of the bricks. What are the options? Contact our expert Power Wash Contractors NY and leave the rest to us.

Roof cleaning is a non-harmful alternative to high-pressure cleaning.

For many years, high-pressure washing of home roofs has been available. The issue is that the pressure is exceedingly high. Water is driven into the sub-roof by roughened tiles. This frequently results in water damage on the inside.

We addressed this issue by creating a new cleaning idea. Roof cleaning by Empire Gen Construction USA Inc. is based on natural phenomena. A cleaning substance is simply applied to the roof. This is absorbed by any organic contaminants and fully evaporates. After that, the natural weathering process begins. The roof will clean itself over the next few months due to wind and rain. This will not damage or roughen the tile.

The benefits of roof cleaning by Residential Roof Contractor NYC include:

  • Completely without the use of high-pressure
  • Done in a matter of hours
  • The most affordable method of cleaning your roof
  • There will be no roughening of the roof tiles.
  • There is no possibility of water entry and no flying dirt.

Why do you require roof cleaning?

If the vegetation grows, it is necessary to clean the roof. The foliage keeps the roof moist and fosters the growth of moss, algae, and fungi. Rainwater can no longer drain effectively over time. Furthermore, mosses and algae store more water and transfer it to the subsoil. The protective coating of the bricks dissolves as a result of this process. The brick becomes porous as a result, and fractures and chips might form. This raises the possibility of mold growth. Mold will grow on the roof trusses if more water reaches the roof.

Moisture accumulation on the roof, aided by moss, algae, lichens, and other pollutants, generates an uncomfortable living environment, for example, due to mold growth in the roof structure. Furthermore, the emergence of fractures reduces the lifespan of the roof surface and any underlying structures by Brick Pointing Contractors NY NY. Roof cleaning is a vital step in preserving roof tiles and preventing damage.

Furthermore, moss, lichen, and fungi on the roof make the building appear unclean. The green material detracts from the overall appearance of your home and lowers its resale value.

  • Professional moss, algae, and fungus removal
  • Quality work
  • No new roofing required
  • Free advice

We prioritize sustainability.

Roof cleaning and renovation for buildings and businesses – substantially less expensive than a new roof. If you do not have your roof cleaned regularly, cracks will form due to environmental and weather factors. These can cause irreversible roof damage. That is why professional roof cleaning and coating are required. This way, you can preserve the property from the impacts of weather and dampness while also extending its lifespan. Furthermore, your property appears to be brand new: well-kept and immaculate by our professional Concrete Contractors NYC.

  • Property in good condition
  • Sustainability
  • Work with care
  • Pleased customers
  • Make an appointment with us right away!
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary focus at Cleaning Experts.

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