The Various Denture Types and Which Ones Fit You the Best

Do you have dentures in mind? Learning about the many denture types and their distinctions is the best method to make a choice because they may initially appear to be similar. It is advised that you schedule a consultation with your dentist if you’re seeking for the best dentures Corbin. Nevertheless, the various denture varieties that you should be aware of are listed below.

Traditional complete dentures

The top and lower sets of teeth are completely replaced by this kind of denture. A complete full or traditional denture sits on the gums, whereas tooth bridges are attached or anchored to existing teeth. These close by dentures can be taken out. When one has lost all of their teeth, they fit the best.

The acrylic or porcelain denture teeth are attached to an acrylic or metal foundation. Any remaining teeth are removed or pulled within 8 to 12 months to give the jaws time to heal before a traditional denture is available.

Partial dentures

A dentist in Davie may use partial dentures to replace a patient’s missing teeth. The replacement teeth for a removable partial denture are fastened to a pink base, which is joined to a metal framework that secures the denture in position. Partial dentures are crucial because they stop other natural teeth from shifting position in addition to replacing lost teeth.

Custom dentures

Custom dentures are created particularly to fit your smile and preferences, unlike standard dentures that are constructed to replace your lost teeth. Because they are designed specifically for a more natural-looking smile, these dentures are pricey.

Immediate dentures

These are pre-made dentures that can be inserted into your mouth as away after teeth have been extracted. These dentures are meant to fill in for missing teeth while the gums are mending. They may readily be adjusted to meet changes in the mouth as the gums and jaws rehabilitate.

Implant supported dentures

A denture that is implant-supported provides a stable base and artificial roots for your missing teeth. With implants, you can have stable, natural-looking dentures that last for a very long time.

Snap-in dentures

Snap-in dentures are the most stable options. With the help of anchors on pre-existing teeth or dental implants, these dentures snap into place firmly. These dentures are appropriate for patients who are missing teeth but who have sufficient bone density to accommodate an implant.


A detachable overdenture rests on top of the gums and is held in place by dental implants. Depending on the patient’s needs, either the upper jaw (maxilla) or the lower jaw (mandible) may get it.

Upper dentures

These dentures serve as tooth replacements for any upper jaw lacking teeth, as the name implies.

Affordable dentures

These dentures are the most economical kind. Since they are generic dentures, they appear less natural than other varieties of dentures.

Which set of dentures fits you the best?

Considering the information above, you must select the ideal dentures Corbin KY for you. How then does one approach this? Here are some guidelines for picking the best dentures Corbin.

Finances – Not everyone can afford all types of dentures. With a dentist in your area, discuss the price of dentures.

Comfort – Select the type of denture that you will find most comfortable. Dentures come in both removable and permanent options. The denture’s comfort could also be impacted by the material utilized. It is advised that you speak with your dentist about the ideal denture for you.

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