The evolution of people is reflected in the changing travel trends, and hospitality brands must anticipate and adapt to these changes to remain relevant in the dynamic market. As a boutique luxury hotel brand, The Postcard Hotel is committed to creating the best luxury hotels in India and across the world with authentic, unique, and personalized spaces and experiences for its guests.

With its presence in handpicked holiday destinations, The Postcard Hotel offers the best luxury hotels in India and the world where travelers have a chance to connect with their surroundings and themselves by sharing their stories. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the global tourism industry is expected to return to pre-pandemic levels in 2023. In the past three years, the pandemic has disrupted travel, leading to a surge in domestic leisure travel and the discovery of unexplored holiday destinations in the country. The Postcard Hotel understands the changing trends and strives to provide its guests with a unique and unforgettable experience.

With Africa and India being practically the only destinations in the world to enjoy safaris, wildlife tourism in India will only thrive as infrastructure access and awareness grow. Gir, in Gujarat of India, is one such destination. The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the finest hotels in Gir National Park which aims to give a flawless experience to wildlife enthusiasts across the world. In fact, a lot of their guests have claimed that they witnessed a lot more lions on a safari in Gir, Gujarat than they did in Africa. 

Nestled within the raw and untamed wilderness of the forest lies a hotel in Gir National Park,  The Postcard Gir, a serene retreat that boasts a sprawling sixteen-acre mango orchard. Amidst the verdant landscape, guests can revel in the stark contrasts and unique pleasures of their surroundings. One of the best luxury hotels in India, the property features fifteen thoughtfully designed rooms, which offer ample privacy and the opportunity to bask in the tranquil sounds of nature, from the melodic calls of migratory birds to the thunderous roar of majestic lions. This idyllic setting provides the perfect backdrop for contemplation, whether pondering the deeper mysteries of life or simply deciding on which salad to savor for lunch. 

The living of The Postcard Gir 

At one of the best luxury hotels in India, The Postcard Gir, modern luxury meets ancient wilderness in a raw and captivating fusion. The fifteen rooms, designed with a modernist touch, offer a serene escape from the timeless surroundings. Spacious and airy, the rooms are flooded with natural light and offer enchanting views of the lush mango orchards that sprawl outside. The sweet fragrance of mangoes fills the air, adding to the sensory experience. It’s safe to say that you will feel perfectly at home and comfortable in this tranquil and stunning setting of the hotel in Gir National Park. 

The Cuisine of Gujarat 

Did you know that Khichdi, a dish favored by the Mughals, actually originated in Persia? Our menu at the hotel in Gir National Park, The Postcard Gir is full of delightful surprises that pay homage to the diverse culinary influences of the region. From the delectable Salli Boti that reflects the Parsi influence to the fresh Pomfret from Veraval and the classic Gujarati thali, there is something to please every palate. And, of course, we can’t forget the timeless comfort of Khichdi. So, take a culinary journey with one of the best hotels in India and savor the unique flavors and aromas of this enchanting region.

While Africa has done an incredible job with their wildlife circuit and we see great potential in India as well. The Postcard will soon be adding luxury resorts in Ranthambore and Kanha as well, just like they curated a luxury hotel in Gir National Park.

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