Trending Career options after M.A. in English Literature!

Trending Career options after M.A. in English Literature!

Master of Arts in English Literature and Language is a renowned course offered at post-graduate level. The course introduces students to the advanced study in contemporary Literary Studies and Applied Linguistics. During the course, a student gets both, theoretical and practical training that is essential to continue to a research degree at the doctoral level. The course also helps to develop professional skills relevant to working within relevant fields. This course gives the students a deep knowledge of British literature. After getting a degree in this course from the best MA  English colleges in India, you have multiple career options. Let’s discuss a few in this article. 

Journalist/ Reporter

Journalism is a lucrative field that is always in search of candidates having good command in the language. After completing a course in this field one can get a job in the print media – in newspaper publication houses, magazines and journals; in television channels; and in online media agencies; in news agencies. To start working in this field you can begin as a trainee. However, you can move through different positions to become the Editor of a newspaper, magazine, television channel, online news portal, etc. over the time and after proper efforts. 

Content Writer

A content writer writes content for websites, blogs, and digital marketing campaigns. A variety of digital marketing agencies are available where you can get a job. There are many companies in various sectors where you can find a job. As a content manager or chief content officer, you can rise to the top of the company.


Print advertising text is written by copywriters. As well as writing stories, they often write scripts for television commercials. In order to advertise both physically and online, they write content for billboards, flyers, banners, posters, and mailers. A creative director can become a part of an advertising agency. An MA in English or a MA in English in Literature is an excellent preparation for this career path.

Corporate Communication Executive 

Corporate organizations require communication with people inside the company and also with people at large outside the company. Corporate communication executives work to write various materials for that such as invites for press conferences, press releases, content for internal communication, and articles for communication with the public at large.


Along with English if you are good in a regional vernacular language, you may get a job with a print publication house which is involved in translation and publication of books, journals, and magazines. You may get a job with an online publication. Many e-learning companies also recruit in these roles.


One of the most common jobs that you can get after a degree in MA English Literature or MA in English is in teaching. You can get a job in a private school as a teacher of English. You can get a job with a spoken English class. You can get a job with an entrance examination coaching centre. There are many jobs. But you will do better if you complete a 2-year BEd program after a degree in MA English Literature for getting very good jobs with good salaries. Or you may join a college teaching the undergraduate student. You may opt to qualify in the NET (National Eligibility Test) or the State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) of a state government to join as a lecturer in a college of university. 


These and many more opportunities wait for a student when they complete their education from well-known ma in english literature in Rajasthan

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