Ultimate Ways for How to Delete Duplicate Videos on Mac

Ultimate Ways for How to Delete Duplicate Videos on Mac

26 December 2023 Off By Editorial Team

Duplicate videos can clutter your storage on your Mac device. It also can slow the speed, the main reason can be junk files, caches, or duplicate files. In this blog, we will tell you effective ways for how to delete duplicate videos on Mac.

Over time duplicate videos accumulate quickly on Mac, affecting the space and storage of hard disk. It’s not easy to free up the space manually of a hard disk and to buy a new hard drive. So to free up the space you can remove duplicate videos from your Mac device. 

Here we will delve into manual and automated methods that will help you to improve the performance of your Mac device.    

How To Delete Videos On Mac Manually?

Looking to remove duplicate video from your Mac device manually. Here you need to put your time to work on this method. Follow the below steps to remove duplicate videos:

  1. Open a new Finder window. 
  2. Now click on File and after that New Smart Folder. 
  3. Search for duplicate videos by clicking the + button.
  4. Now enter the search details in the pop-up window.
  5. Select Kind << Movie from the right field.
  6. Sort the duplicate video list by name, type, or date.
  7. Lastly, either click on Delete or Move to Trash option to delete duplicate videos.

Note-  If you select the move to trash option to remove your duplicate videos you should know that it will stay there only for 15 or 30 days. Somehow if you need to recover deleted videos that would not be possible after the mentioned days. It will be deleted permanently.    

Limitations of Manual Method

Both above-mentioned manual methods are free to use and provide a hands-on approach to how to delete duplicate videos on Mac. But they come with their own set of limitations. Here are some common drawbacks of using the manual method:

  • Time-Taking-  Manually identifying and deleting duplicate videos can be time-consuming especially if you have a large videos list. It takes a lot of time to review each video individually.  
  • Possibility of Human Error- Saving duplicate videos is human error, such as accidentally deleting important videos while looking for duplicates. It is an easy mistake to deal with a lengthy list of duplicate videos.
  • Undo Options Are Limited- If a mistake happens while cleaning manually, the undo choices may be limited. It can be difficult to recover deleted videos, especially if you don’t have a current backup of your videos.
  • There is no batch processing- Handling videos one at a time is typical of manual approaches. Because of the absence of batch processing capability, it is difficult to address duplicates methodically, especially if they cover videos.
  • Not Easy to Detect Simler Files- Manually detecting and separating combined videos can be a difficult task if you have merged videos with various folders. In contrast, automated tools may provide more advanced features to deal with merged video.

How to delete duplicate videos on Mac Technically 

Maintaining duplicate videos manually in this daily busy schedule can be a difficult task for many users because it takes a lot of time to manage duplicate videos. Either delete all video data or save them one by one. Also, here they can use Duplicate File and Remover Software. This tool helps to remove all duplicate videos from your Mac device. Moreover, this automated method helps you to delete or move duplicate videos effortlessly and saves you time and effort. 

Here are some additional features of the automated software- 

  1. Scanner with advanced technology.
  2. Easily Move or Delete Duplicate Videos.
  3. Video deletion with a preview option.
  4. Detection of Similar videos visually.
  5. Flexible with numerous languages.
  6. Compatibility with external storage devices (e.g., Pen drive, SSD, external disk, camcorder, etc.) 

Follow the below steps to delete duplicate videos-

  1. Install the software on your Mac device.
  2. Now click on the Add Folder option to add duplicate videos. 
  3. Select the scanning options and file type and click on Continue.  
  4. After that click on the Delete option.
  5. Lastly, check on the “Deleted“ message to confirm the successful deletion.

Benefits of Automated Method

  • This method saves the time and effort required to identify and delete duplicate videos, especially during detecting large-sized videos.  
  • Advanced algorithms can find duplicates based on a variety of parameters, including file names, sizes, and content, resulting in a thorough and accurate cleanup.
  • Automated solutions are user-friendly interfaces that make it simple for users of all skill levels to manage the duplicate identification and elimination process.


In the above blog, we have mentioned methods. Which helps you to clean up your duplicate videos on your Mac. We have mentioned both methods to solve your issue of how to delete duplicate videos on Mac. Here both methods are easy to follow. But if you are looking for a hassle-free method you can use the software which is mentioned above.


Que –  Can I trust the automated method to identify duplicate videos?

Ans –  Yes, to make your work complete without any hindrance. You can trust to delete duplicate videos on Mac software. This software not only deletes videos but it also helps you to delete duplicate emails, audio, and pictures from your Mac device.

Que – Do I have to confirm each deletion manually, or can I set the program to remove duplicates automatically?

Ans- The majority of automated systems offer a review mechanism that allows you to validate deletions before they are finalized. This gives you complete control over the cleansing process and prevents the accidental removal of essential videos.

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