The red coral gemstones also known as Moonga ratan come in hues ranging from orangey-red to dark crimson. This red stone, formed from the exoskeletons of coral polyps that dwell in the water, is a fragile gem that may easily scratch or break if not handled correctly. Your Moonga gemstone may be kept brilliant and glossy for years with proper maintenance and cleaning. Follow these tips to keep your red coral looking beautiful.

What Is Red Coral (Moonga Stone)?

Red coral, also known as Moonga stone, is an organic gemstone found in marine environments. The rigid skeleton is calcium carbonate produced in concentric layers by coral polyps. The layers of the coral pile together over time to generate distinctive branching forms.

Color of the Red Coral stone

Iron oxides are responsible for the unusual brilliant red to orange-pink hue of beautiful moonga stone. The most valuable colors are deep red to crimson. Pink and peach tones are more prevalent but less desirable.

Sources of your Moonga Stone

The majority of coral used in jewelry originates in the Mediterranean Sea, mainly around Italy and Spain. Coral stone is also produced by coral reefs in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, albeit it is usually more orange in color. The most precious and uncommon coral is Japanese red coral.

Care of Red Coral Gemstone

Red coral gemstones are both delicate and brittle due to their organic nature. Only a gentle, wet towel should be used to clean them. Avoid using aggressive chemicals or ultrasonic cleaning, since they might cause harm. Impact and scratching, which can permanently ruin the surface of red coral jewelry, should be avoided. Coral jewelry should be stored separately in a lined box away from harder stones and metals while not in use.

High-quality red color coral may persist for many generations with careful care and treatment while retaining its vibrant color and sculptural elegance. However, because no gemstone can endure abuse, taking proper care of your moonga jewelry will provide many years of delight.

How to Look After Your Priceless Red Coral Gemstone

There are a few important measures to remember when caring for your moonga Stone:

  1. Moonga stone is an organic gemstone that must be handled and cared for with care. Avoid using strong chemicals, heat, or ultrasonic cleaners on the gemstone, as they might cause damage.
  2. Wipe off your stone gently with a gentle, wet cloth to remove any dirt or debris. Do not immerse the gemstone in water. Using a lint-free cloth, pat dry.   
  3. Cosmetics, fragrances, and abrasive cleaning solutions include compounds that can degrade the coral’s color and gloss.
  4.  Remove gemstones before partaking in any physical activity or exercise that exposes them to chemicals such as chlorine, such as swimming.
  5.  A competent gemologist should inspect your gemstone on a regular basis. They can check the coral for damage or weak points and repolish it if necessary.
  6.  Consider purchasing red coral gemstone insurance to safeguard your investment from loss, theft, or damage. Appraisals should be revised every 2-3 years to account for changes in market value.

Only use ultrasonic cleaners made exclusively for fragile jewels and carefully follow the guidelines. If high-frequency sound waves are employed incorrectly, they might induce fractures.

Your precious diamond will retain its luster and survive for centuries if you follow these recommended maintenance and cleaning procedures. Handle with caution and avoid exposing this organic treasure to harsh settings to ensure its durability. Your coral gemstone will remain brilliant and gorgeous if properly cared for.

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Cleaning Tips for Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstones

Specific cleaning measures should be followed to maintain the beauty and structure of your coral stone. Corals are delicate organic jewels that can be damaged by strong chemicals and rough treatment.

Gentle Cleaning of your Moonga Stone

To remove surface grime and oils, wipe your coral with a gentle, wet cloth. Chemical cleansers should be avoided since they might degrade the coral’s structure over time. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaners, steamers, or professional jewelry cleaners. Soft-bristled brushes, similar to an old toothbrush, can be used to clean finely carved corals. Rinse with lukewarm water and wipe dry with a soft towel.

Protect Your Red Coral from Scratches

To avoid scratches, keep your coral gem isolated from other gemstones and jewelry. Coral is rather soft, with a Mohs hardness range of 2.5 to 4. The surface is readily scratched by diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. Keep coral away from pockets and bags where it may come into contact with keys or other complicated things.

Your beloved coral stone will remain lovely for centuries if you follow these cleaning and maintenance suggestions. This coral may survive a lifetime if properly cared for and handled. But remember to clean gently and seldom, reduce sun exposure, and avoid scratches.

Where To Buy An Original Red Coral Gemstone?

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