If you want to buy the best groundnut oil extraction machine, you are in the right place. Though many new oils have emerged in the last few decades, only the traditional groundnut oil is healthier than most others. It is because of its many health benefits, from reducing trans fats and bad cholesterol to having many high nutrients like vitamin E, phytosterols, unsaturated fat, etc.   Apart from that, it makes tasty food with fantastic peanut flavour to be the most preferred cooking oil worldwide. Also, the many groundnut oil process confirm its purity to eliminate all harmful elements. 

So, check out what the best groundnut oil extraction machine does to produce high-quality edible oil to live a healthy and happy life.

What is the groundnut oil process?

The Groundnut manufacturing process includes two methods of mechanical pressing and solvent extraction. The solvent extraction method produces the remaining content if the mechanical process extracts 85% of the oil. Also, the groundnut oil process includes storage, cleaning, dehulling, rolling or grinding, heating, pressing, refining, and packaging. Refining is critical of all the processes to make the groundnut oil pure and edible to have all the nutrients, taste and flavour. The best groundnut oil extraction machine made by a reputed manufacturer does most of the refining processes to make it the high-demand cooking oil worldwide. 

What does the best groundnut oil extraction machine do?

Crude groundnut oil has many undesirable impurities like  FFA or free fatty acids, metal ions, gums or phospholipids, colour pigments, oxidized products etc. The best groundnut oil extraction machine does alkali refining to remove such undesirable products in crude oils. Also, it preserves valuable vitamins and natural antioxidants, minimizes oil losses and protects the oil from degradation. The alkali neutralization refining includes the following process to make the groundnut oil pure and edible. 

  • Neutralization or gum conditioning is treating oil first with citric acid, then caustic soda lye to neutralize fatty acids and condition phospholipids.
  • Washing is the next process using a centrifugal separator to remove soap traces and neutralizes oil, followed by drying to remove moisture under a vacuum.
  • Bleaching is the next process for the selective removal of pigments by an absorbent’s physical and chemical interaction to improve groundnut oil’s quality.
  • Deodorization is a multi-step process of vacuum stripping using steam through groundnut oil at low pressure to remove volatile products to increase their self-life and maintain a good odour. 

You can buy the best groundnut oil extraction machine with nearly 45 years of experience, Mectech, to cost-effectively do all the above groundnut oil processes.

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