Chronic snoring is a common sleep disorder characterized by loud and frequent snoring during sleep. It can disrupt sleep patterns, affect the quality of life, and even lead to serious health complications. In medical coding, the International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) provides specific codes to classify various diseases and conditions. This article aims to explore the specific ICD-10 code for chronic snoring icd 10 and provide information on finding an affordable dentist in Houston to address potential underlying causes of snoring.

Chronic Snoring

Chronic snoring is the persistent and loud snoring that occurs during sleep. It is often caused by the vibration of tissues in the throat and airway obstruction. Some common factors contributing to chronic snoring include obesity, alcohol consumption, nasal congestion, sleep position, and anatomical abnormalities. While occasional snoring is normal, chronic snoring requires attention as it can be a symptom of an underlying health condition.

ICD-10 Code For Chronic Snoring

In the ICD-10 classification system, the specific code for chronic snoring is R06.83. This code falls under Chapter 18 – Symptoms, Signs, and Abnormal Clinical and Laboratory Findings, Not Elsewhere Classified. The R06 category primarily covers abnormal findings on examination of the respiratory system and other symptoms and signs concerning breathing. The code R06.83 is used to identify chronic snoring as a symptom or complaint when documenting medical records or billing for healthcare services.

Importance Of Accurate ICD-10 Coding

Accurate coding with the appropriate ICD-10 code is essential for healthcare providers, insurance companies, and researchers. It allows for standardized classification and documentation of diseases and conditions, facilitating communication and improving patient care. Proper coding helps in identifying and tracking the prevalence of chronic snoring, monitoring treatment outcomes, and conducting research on associated health risks and interventions.

Finding An Affordable Dentist Near Houston

If you are experiencing chronic snoring, it is advisable to seek professional help, as it may be a sign of an underlying condition that needs attention. Dentists specializing in sleep medicine can play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating snoring, as they can assess the oral and nasal structures that contribute to airway obstruction during sleep. To find an affordable dentist near me in Houston, consider the following options:

Insurance Provider: Check if your dental insurance covers sleep medicine or snoring-related treatments. Review the list of in-network dentists to find affordable options in your area.

Dental Schools: Contact local dental schools or universities with dental programs. They often provide services at reduced rates through their teaching clinics, supervised by experienced faculty.

Community Health Centers: Look for community health centers or dental clinics that offer services on a sliding fee scale based on income. These facilities cater to individuals who may not have dental insurance or have limited financial resources.

Online Directories: Utilize online directories or search engines to find dentists in Houston who specialize in sleep medicine or offer snoring-related treatments. Check patient reviews, ratings, and the dentists’ websites for information on pricing, payment options, and discounts.

Local Dental Associations: Reach out to local dental associations or societies in Houston for information on affordable dentists who focus on sleep disorders. They may provide referrals or guidance on finding cost-effective dental care.


In conclusion, chronic snoring is a sleep disorder that requires attention due to its potential impact on health and quality of life. The specific ICD-10 code for chronic snoring is R06.83, which aids in standardized classification and documentation of the condition. Accurate coding facilitates effective communication among healthcare providers, insurance companies, and researchers. Seeking professional help from a dentist specializing in sleep medicine is crucial for diagnosing and treating chronic snoring. If you’re in Houston and looking for an affordable dentist, consider options such as checking with your insurance provider, exploring dental schools and community health centers, using online directories, and reaching out to local dental associations. Taking proactive steps to address chronic snoring can improve sleep quality, overall well-being, and potentially prevent further health complications associated with sleep disorders.

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