YouTube To MP3 Converter: Downloading Your Videos For Offline Enjoyment

If you enjoy listening to your favourite music on the YouTube Platform, Then choosing the right converter tool can help you to listen to Music in offline mode. On the internet, there are many web-based tool, PC software, Apps and browser extensions available that extract the audio from YouTube videos and provides high-quality MP3 audio to save on the device.

Before going into depth, let’s get more about, whether the download is legal?  Yes, In certain conditions it is legal. You can download any YouTube videos into MP3 which are no-copyrighted content, personal videos, or publicly available content. But in some cases such as Movies album songs, Music owner don’t want to sell their music for free. At that time you need to make sure of the Youtube copyright policies. 

So While Choosing the Right YouTube to MP3 converter, You need to make sure it does not have viruses, Unwanted ads, bugs etc. It is the best practice to use an Antivirus tool or firewall detection. Here in this article, We will provide you with 3 Best YouTube to MP3 converter that are totally safe, fast and easier to use.

Best 3 YouTube to MP3 Converters: Downloading YouTube Music For Offline Enjoyment

(1): YTMP3

Ytmp3 is a free and convenient web-based YouTube to mp3 converter where you can easily extract audio from YouTube videos and save it as high-quality mp3 music on your device. Just add your YouTube video URL select mp3 or mp4 format and click on the convert button. In a few seconds of conversion, you can see the converted MP3 audio file is ready. By clicking on the download button you can save high-quality mp3 music on mobile, PC, tablet, ios devices.

Price: Free

Support Devices: Smartphones, Tablets, Windows

(2): 4K Video Downloader

If you are using a Windows PC or Mac then You can go with Best 4K videos Downloader for your YouTube video conversion process. It is software that offers features such as various quality formats (MP3, MP4, OGG), YouTube whole playlist download features and many more. The conversion process is the same as YTMP3, copy the Youtube URL and paste it into this tool, select the format and quality and click on Download. This YouTube to mp3 converter provides a simple and straightforward User interface that is easier for any user.

Price: Free/Paid

Support Devices: Windows, Mac

(3): VidMate

Vidmate is an amazing mobile app to consider if You are using a Mobile device to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format. VidMate is a fully functional mobile app that allows users to watch and download any YouTube videos in a high-quality MP3 format. This YouTube to mp3 mobile app supports 30+ video platforms where you can watch and download songs and videos. First download and Install the VidMate app from the official site to your device. After running this app, Watch any videos and download them by clicking on the floating download icon. It is very fast and easy to download YouTube videos into MP3 using VidMate.

Price: Free

Support Devices: Android phones


YouTube to MP3 converter is a helpful and valuable tool for converting and downloading your YouTube videos into MP3. It provides lots of benefits to users. As a user, You need to make sure it is malware-free, with no unwanted ads and illegal or not. Also, check the YouTube copyright before using this tool.

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